Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm totally famous

Wow, this blog has propelled me into the limelight and now there is just no hiding from my hoards of admirers. Its pretty awesome and I'm trying to be humble but its hard when you are just so stinking famous.
Ok, I exaggerate. One person recognized me. Ok, and I guess if you accidentally leave your blog address at the bottom of an email that you send out to a club with over 100 people in it chances are someone will be curious (or bored) enough to check it out. Well, and we had chatted before at the Y before she recognized me from my blog (Hi Sarah) but it still TOTALLY made my day.

Anyway, do you want to know what I learned over Memorial Day weekend? I learned that if you lose your child in Lowe's they have a whole procedure that they go through and this cool code on the loud speaker and everything. Pretty cool in theory except when it is your blond boy who is missing and you are just imagining him wandering off with a stranger or running into the parking lot in a panic. As it turns out he wasn't lost for long. Ryan and I split up (he took Ainsley and I took Reid) and after I ran to the front so they could put their Lost Child Procedure into action I circled a couple times before I spotted Ryan with a shopping cart containing one more child then when I'd seen him last. Jake wasn't scared at all. He was running around in the back of the store having a ball. Anyway, times like these are when I know people are looking at me and my offspring and they are just dying to throw me down on the ground right there and tie my tubes for me.

And maybe I should let them.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? You are a terrific mom! Jake is a wild and free soul who needs to explore. Thank goodness he has patient and quick thinking parents such as you to find him when he wanders off. How dare anyone think ill of you and your mothering (especially you). Would you quit shoulding all over yourself!

Natalie said...


Its natalie Moon from Church, ok so i found your Blog on my friends blog and girl you are too funny, you need to write a book about the day in the life of LACEY TRUMBO...hahahah that Lowes story blew me and my husband away, look forward to seeing you.


David & Red said...

I can think of lots of people who should be in line before you to forcefully get their tubes tied - I say hey, at least you noticed he was missing!! smile! you're loved, even as the perfectly imperfect mom that you are. =0)

ckuretich said...

tie your tubes FOR YOU?!??!?!??!? omggggg I am snorting out loud.
not that you would snort NOT out loud. but whatever.

you are hilarious, I am picturing someone restraining you in Lowes and saying "YOU MUST COME WITH ME! NO MORE OFFSPRING!!!!" ahhhhhh...

my sister used to have my mom paged over the loudspeaker in ANY given store, almost every time they went shopping. and it was a lot. to this day she has a fear of being lost, I have no idea why, since she never actually got lost, she just paged my mom all the time.