Monday, June 22, 2009

What's In A Name?

So, for the past few weeks I've been asked at least once a day if we've picked a name or if we are sharing that name. My answer varies between "no, we haven't decided" or "no, we aren't sharing yet". I wanted to be able to tell my parents first but after that I had decided I wanted to post it on the blog. My reason being that I am an incredibly sensitive person. No matter how much I try not to, reactions matter to me. And a negative reaction when it comes to the name I've chosen for my beloved future daughter just isn't something I'm emotionally up to right now. And no matter how great any name is there are bound to be those who would react negatively. In this case the name we've chosen is fairly unique so the odds rise.

Before I go on and on anymore let's just get to the name. Our sweet, beautiful baby girl will be called Jane Dare. She is going to go by both first and middle name - hence all of you will be calling her Jane Dare (I told Ryan he could call her Jane if he wanted but nobody else could). I very simply LOVE this name. The more I ponder it the more I love it. To the point that I could not imagine calling her anything different. Ryan has always loved the name Jane but I wanted to give her something a little more unique so wanted to do a double name. Its a long, very uninteresting, story how I came up with Dare so you can ask me in person if you care. What settled the name for me was when I looked up Jane to see what it meant and found the meaning "God is gracious". Truly I can't think of a more fitting meaning to describe how Ryan and I feel about the incredible blessing he has bestowed on us to allow us to have four children. God truly has been so gracious to us and Jane Dare will be the final piece to that puzzle of our family . Dare means absolutely nothing, which suits me just fine. And as if that wasn't enough I stumbled upon this quote by H.G. Wells and it sounded so much like something Ryan would say that I almost felt the angels singing.

'It's giving girls names like that,' said Buggins, 'that nine times out of ten makes 'em go wrong. It unsettles 'em. If ever I was to have a girl, if ever I was to have a dozen girls, I'd call 'em all Jane.'" -H.G. Wells, referring to the name Euphemia .

I also love the name because she'll have lots of flexibility with it. When she is older she can choose to be called Jane, or Dare or Janie or . . . well, you see. I had a coworker named Dare and so I know for a fact that it works :)

And now that we've decided this will be the name of our precious daughter I absolutely can't imagine calling her anything else. Of all our children's names this one is most kindred to my heart. So, if you love it as I do, feel free to let me know. If you think its just ok but you are a good liar like I am feel free to lie away. If you think its "interesting" or if you'll "need to think about the Dare part " then feel free to keep your yap shut.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekly Review

So, this week was a little less eventful - thank goodness! It actually flew by which is always a good thing when you are counting the days until a deployment is over. The kids went to VBS at a church downtown and it was a great program! However it wasn't a very relaxing start to the summer as we needed to be out the door shortly before 8:30 each morning. After some initial kicking and screaming on both Jake and Ainsley's part they ended the week sad that VBS was over - which might have been largely influenced by the 3 inflatables they brought in for the last day! Jake has been walking around singing the songs they learned this week and its so sweet to hear. A great bonus is that three of my friends also had their kids there so I got to see them most mornings and afternoons and that was totally a treat.

We are still recovering from the aftermath of Ainsley's haircut. I chopped the rest of it off myself right at her ears. Its just too big of a mess to waste the effort taking her to have a professional do it. I'll give it some time to grow a little and then we'll head back to Fantastic Sam's so they can work some magic. I ran into my girlfriend Ashley yesterday and she was trying so hard to be sweet and not comment on it and then we both just started to laugh hysterically. It really is too funny! The best part is that her portrait is featured in a full page ad by Barbee Studios in this month's Clarksville Family - but no one would guess this was the same child!

We've got an exciting week to look forward to. Redonna is coming to visit tomorrow. The Rowes will be here for a couple of nights while the clean out their house and then Honey and Ozzie are coming for a week. Certainly a lot to look forward to. Maybe amidst all those visitors I'll get a nap - one can hope!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cold, Hard Truth

The stories I am about to relate in the following post are 100% factual and barely, if at all, embellished for the sake of good story telling. Not because I am above hyperbole but because my life needs no exaggeration. Last Wednesday, the day that I celebrated 9 years of marriage to Ryan, the children rewarded me with "special" behavior all day long. And that day must be told for the history books . . . so here goes.

It was a slow, starter day as we'd arrived home late the night before from our Memorial Day trip to Ohio. We were tired and trying to adjust back to the Central Time Zone and this momma was certainly a little bit out of it. Unfortunately, as a parent to MY Children, this is not a luxury I can afford.

Our first event of the day was Ainsley deciding to open her own hair salon and start with herself as the first client. Reid was napping and I was in the big kids room putting away their clothes from the trip. Jake was on the computer playing games and Ainsley was coloring. All was well. Ha - well, the joke was on me. After about 3 minutes of being one room away I came back to check on my quiet children and Jake looks up and says "mom, Ainsley is cutting her hair". In shock I walked a few more steps forward and saw my carpet and the table covered in her soft, beautiful hair. I asked Jake, "WHY didn't you COME tell me?!?!!?" to which he shrugs his shoulders and returns to Super Why. Ainsley starts scooping up her handfuls of hair and showing them off to me proudly. I examined the damage (bad) and threw my hands up in the air realizing no fit on my part was going to make this better. I went downstairs and called the folks at the Little Miss Tennessee pageant and told them we were out for this year (ha). And the day continued.

Later that afternoon the kids and I went out in the front to get the mail (again, Reid is napping - see why I like him best?). The garage door was open and I sat on the front steps while they ran to get their bikes and rode around in the drive. After a few minutes they road into the garage and I could hear them happily playing. So I let them because I'd (supposedly) safety proofed the garage pretty much and there wasn't much they could get into. After a couple minutes ( seriously - that was it!!!) I went to get them and found the little vandals - caught them red handed!! They had opened the door to my outside fridge, gotten out the brand new carton of Eggland's Best eggs, and proceeded to egg my garage, my car, their toys . . . OH THE RAGE!!!!!! I dragged them inside, gave spanking they won't soon forget and shut them into separate rooms while I went to repair the damage. At this point I began counting the minutes until my babysitter would arrive for the evening.

I bring them kids inside as Reid is waking up from his nap. I sit them down at the table with snacks and run upstairs to retrieve Reid from his crib and give him his cup of milk. Ryan calls and I'm quickly filling him in on the day as I step out onto the landing and let out a strangled "Oh MY Gosh . . . I am going to kill your children". Ainsley had gone into the pantry, gotten out my XXL jar or peanut butter, opened it, stuck her hands in it up to her wrists, and proceeded to give my family room carpet her own version of a peanut butter cleaning treatment. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About 5 minutes later Mary (babysitter extraordinaire) arrived so I did a quick job on the carpet, kitchen floor, cabinets, stainless steel appliances (you get the picture) threw the instructions and kids at her and stalked out the door.

Providentially Ryan had asked me to schedule a massage and pedicure for myself that night as a way to celebrate our special day. As I was finishing up the massage the girl said "wow, you were so tight and stressed out . . . I can't believe it!". Well, if she reads my blog she'll believe it