Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turning the corner

Thought I'd start off this post with a little smile from my girl Jane Dare. How could that baby not make anyone's day a little brighter? And then I had to share a shot of my big kids playing with their new bubble machine courtesy of the Remick family. It came in a huge box of goodies that was like Christmas all over again. Two weeks later I'm still grinning when I come across something special out of that box.
I feel like we are starting to turn the corner here in Pinehurst. I've met some really super nice ladies who are helping me get connected around here. One in particular who reminds me a lot of Nicki Clay - and that is just about one of the highest compliments I could pay someone. She is a "connector" and everyone (especially a newcomer) needs one of those in their lives! So far I've gotten hooked into MOPS, Mother's Morning Out, a church playgroup and gotten the lay of the land on hairdressers, VBS programs for the summer and more! On Saturday I ventured to a church baby shower and although I was nervous to put myself out there it was a good time and I was rewarded for my bravery by getting to talk to some very sweet ladies from the church. And then on Monday I was invited to join a group of moms with kids at the same preschool as mine who were heading to the zoo in Asheboro for the first day of spring break. I took a deep breathe, girded my loins, strapped on my baby bjorn and off we went! The kids had a great time, I was totally excited that we all survived and I was also energized at the chance to get to know a couple of ladies better. And just one more example of the quality people I'm meeting - one friend just called to offer to watch my kids so Ryan and I could go on one more date before he leaves in a couple of days. How thoughtful and generous! (too bad I have a hair appt and can't take her up on it!).
All of this business with "friend making" has got me thinking deep thoughts (dangerous, I know) on what makes a friend. Its caused me to think back to the beginning of some of my best friendships ever. All of them got off to a slow start (at least from the point I met them to the point of real, deep intimacy) but all of them are richer than I could ever have imagined. I met my bff Red right after I was newly married but we didn't really become friends until about 3+ years later and even then it was another year or two until we really deepened our relationship. And I have similar twists and turns in my other close friendships. With some I have very similar backgrounds, with others they are polar opposites. With some we always end up buying similar outfits, getting similar haircuts (ok, I'm talking about Troy) and with others our taste is totally dissimilar. All of this to say that I would do a pretty awful job on my own of deciding who my friends should be - but God always brings just the right person into my life at just the right time. And I'm thankful that I can rest in Him and enjoy this ride as I try to carve a niche for myself and my family in this new area.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Tale of Three Lovies

This post probably doesn't need to much explanation but I'll give a brief story anyway. When Ains was born Ryan's aunt and uncle sent her lovie number one pictured far left. Its had a few nicknames - the Lover, Jorge, Juan - but Lovie is the name that has stuck. When we realized that she was getting attached we ordered lovie number two (center). For a while it didn't matter to her which was she had and they were virtually indistinguishable but all of the sudden she made it clear that her heart belonged to the one and only "real Lovie" (as opposed to "other lovie"). In a bind other Lovie will do but she always goes back to the original. So when Jane Dare came along I ordered her two bunny lovies of her own (which I hope to use interchangeably for as long as possible!). I just could not resist snapping a picture of the three all lined up to show the life of an adored Lovie. If I chose correctly than Jane Dare's will probably be in the same shape in 4 years!