Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Times At Kindergarten Registration

This morning Ainsley, Reid, Jane Dare and I accompanied Jake to Kindergarten registration at his new school. What a lucky boy Jake was to have Reid climbing up on the table to "assist" him while he tried to demonstrate his skills during assessment. How blessed as his sister loudly announced the names of all the animals in the book she was reading during the lead teacher's speech. How wonderful for him that his mother couldn't do much to help as she was busy taking care of paperwork and holding his baby sister.
I'm sure Jake did great on his assessment. I bet that speech had lots of great information in it. Positive that the tour of the school took us lots of places we'll need to know about for next year. I couldn't hear or see any of it because I was busy listening to the chorus of "my you have your hands full" and "look at this busy mom" with the occasional "are they all yours?" thrown in.
Ainsley was all about it. She would be starting kindergarten tomorrow if they would take her. Within about 30 seconds of us being in the library one teacher commented to me that she was a "fireball". I wonder what took her so long to figure it out. As we were leaving Ainsley told me how excited she was about her new school. The excitement was not contagious as Jake pretty much just wanted out. He was not to be won over by the turtles, guinea pigs, juice or cookies. He's going to make these teachers work for his adoration.
I do need to toot my own horn here a bit. First of all I managed to get all five of us dressed, fed and out the door by 8:10 with all the correct forms and documents. This includes having a loaded diaper bag and stroller in the car. Secondly when the woman who came into the library five minutes after I did with her one and only child waltzed in front of me in line without even a glance in my direction I did not pull her hair out. Thirdly when Reid wanted in and out of the stroller at every one of the four kindergarten classrooms we visited I complied and did not try to slip him a mickey.
Like I said . . . good times.