Monday, May 19, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow . . .

Good Monday morning to ya! What a great weekend. It was so busy my head is still spinning but I LOVE being busy especially when its super fun busy. Group date night on Friday was a blast at a yummy new sushi restaurant, Saturday we picked strawberries (ran into "the twins" from A's preschool class and she was in heaven to have her boyfriends there) and hosted a shower for a dear friend and ended the evening with a few batches of freezer jam. Sunday we had a wonderful morning of worship, Jake and I had a great (but very chilly) time at a birthday pool party and then ended the evening at a cookout with at our favorite cookout spot with some of our favorite cookout people. I'm so pleased with the weekend ;)

So, anyway, I've meant to post for a long time why this blog has the name Maybe Tomorrow. Well, Jake often goes through short phases where a certain phrase rules his vocab and for a while it was "maybe tomorrow". It was the cutest thing ever. Jake would ask us to do something and anytime we would say "no" his response would be a very sweet "maybe tomorrow". It was just so precious in spirit and attitude and made it so easy on us if we had to let him down on something. So, an example conversation would be:
"Mom, can we go outside and swim?"
"No Jake, its to cold, we have to wait until summer."
"Maybe tomorrow".
'Ok, Jake, maybe tomorrow."

As with all phases that one ended and I miss it. I loved when he would say that. His new phrase is "You've GOTTA be KIDDING me". Very cute too.


David & Red said...

Love it! Glad you had such a great weekend. =0)

ckuretich said...

the cutest ever - i wondered why it was called that and now i know and that makes it even CUTER. you are all the cutest.

sounds like a great weekend!!!I love those.