Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Good Reminder

Last Thursday I was in a bit of a funk - a pity party, if you will - because my day was not turning out as I had planned and so I decided to feel sorry for myself. You know the drill, no one likes me, I'm so bored, I lack motivation, blah blah blah blah blah. Now, if I was in charge of the universe and I looked down and saw someone indulging in such self pity I'd probably just let them wallow in it until they could get a grip on themselves. But that is not what my loving heavenly Father did. Instead He sent me four reminders through the day of some of the special women he has put into my life.
1 - I was reminded that I have a friend who would drive many hours to beat up someone who she has perceived has wronged me. No questions asked. Which most likely mean she would be beating up someone who didn't deserve it but that is the kind of friend she is.
2 - I was shown the love of a friend who despite an overwhelming schedule and amount of demands on her would make an effort to put the feelings of my son first. This would involve shoe-horning a lunch with my Jake into their day so that he would not have to be disappointed when circumstances necessitated we cancel our plans (rest assured I talked her down off the ledge of guilt and refused to let her add something else to her plate - there is plenty of time for that).
3 - I was reminded of the love of a friend as we shared our hearts with one another over the clatter of my four children on my side of the phone and the noise of her four children (plus one extra) on her end of the line. As we encouraged one another and laughed and shared prayer requests . . . my heart was lifted.
4 - I was able to watch two girls who I love dearly encourage one another via facebook - sharing love and support and planning a time that they could be together despite the fact that one lives in C-ville and the other in the Boro. And I knew that they would offer the same love and encouragement to me any time I needed it.

Thankfully by the next day I could so clearly see these blessings and all the Lord has given me and rejoice rather than mope! What an awesome God we serve and what blessings He has bestowed on me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just Another Sunday Night

Thought I'd share some pictures with you of what's just another night at our house

A little couch acrobatics
Some hard core teething

Showing off his new toy (purchased with allowance & tooth fairy cash)

Portrait by Ainsley (don't mind the cleavage. I assure you I don't!)

More of aforementioned acrobatics. . . yes he is doing what it looks like.

Reid's best Tommy Boy impression

It's hard to be this gorgeous! And for pete sake why am I still in my Sunday dress at 6:30 pm!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

For Free!

Have I got a deal for you! One Sesame Street Talking Elmo phone free to the first taker! I'll even pay for shipping to my out of state readers. How can you resist???
Disclaimer: Phone may be slightly "water" logged. I'm sure nothing some time in a bag of rice won't fix.