Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On being a MilSpo

Military wife life.


It's a funny thing.  When you've done it for long enough sometimes you can forget that what is asked of you on a regular basis is hard.  Its challenging.  And, more often than not, its expected that you will roll with it and figure out how to make it work.

Whether its a TDY that has been extended indefinitely (ahem), or a PCS when you've only been at your current duty station for two years, or a promotion board that didn't go the way you hoped (and assumed) it would, there are so many "opportunities to be flexible".  (Do you like my subtle snub at positive talk?  Take that PR people.)

I'm either currently in, recently have been in, or have dear friends who are in all of the situations mentioned above.

What's funny is lately I notice myself having to explain my situation to others (including other military spouses) a lot more than I would like.  Part of it is my own insecurities (which are many) and part of it is that we have been in a state of war for so long now that long trips, deployments, etc are commonplace.  When my guy is gone I often have someone ask for how long and when I answer I usually get a "oh good, that's not too bad" in response.  And while that drives me CRAZY I know I've been on the giving end of that reply before as well.

A week without them stinks, two weeks without them stinks, three weeks without them stinks... indefinite weeks without them stinks.  And I swear, I am not looking for accolades or sympathy.  Honestly. We choose to do this work.  But I also hate when we feel the need to make ourselves feel better about someone else's sacrifice by downplaying it.

Ugh.  And now I'm to the part where I realize why I haven't blogged much lately.  Because I feel like this is making no sense but I'm too lazy to go back and fix it.  So I'll hit publish so I can get it off my chest but probably not share the link on facebook so I don't open myself up to criticism.  Cause I'm a wimp like that.