Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ok, so my goal this post is to not write all about my children but take my focus off them for two seconds and write about me. So that is your warning that this might be boring and probably not overly funny but I'm going to indulge my narcissistic tendencies for a few minutes. Don't you just love that word . . . those are words you throw around a lot when you are married to a clinical psychologist.
A couple months ago my friend (who I'll name later if she gives me permission - right now I'll call her N) asked if I wanted to team up with her and another friend (I'll call A) to do a triathlon together as a team. The idea being that N would swim, A would bike and I would do the run. I was totally excited. It is fun to have a goal in mind when I'm running and I've wanted to do a race for a while but pregnancy kept getting in the way. So we settled on one in August at Falls Creek Falls here in TN. We are going to make a weekend trip out of it with our families which I'm sure will add an element of stress. But still totally exciting. So my part is a 10K run and while I run a lot I don't often have quite the time to get in 6 miles but in preparation for the race I'm going to try and do a run a little over 6 miles at least once a week. Yesterday I headed out for my first run since my strep relapse and my goal was to go about 48 minutes at a moderate pace and then measure it later to see what I'd accomplished. Well, the run went great, I was tired but not dead at the end and later when I clocked it I found I'd run just shy of 6 1/2 miles. I was so excited. Now I have a definite time goal to work for (I want to do it in under 45 mintues - as the race gets closer I'll decide how far under). So that is some blathering about my personal endeavor!
This weekend has been great. It seems like it just keeps going and going and going. When Ryan is gone I LOATHE weekends but when he is home they are so fantastic. It seriously blows my mind what a difference a couple weeks makes in our life. Friday I sent Ry off to play golf while I took the kiddos to an ice cream social that was tons of fun. We had some friends from group over for a cookout including the new dentist and his family so we've managed to expand our circle of health care providers that we have an "in" with. And I never met a doctor/dentist that I couldn't take advantage of with some crisis so its always awesome to have fresh meat. Saturday it was my turn for some me time (I told Ryan he could play golf as long as he wanted as long as I got that same amount of time later in the weekend for myself) so I shopped, got my toes done (because as my hilarious friend Christin says they were "skanky") ate some lunch . . . it was awesome. And now we are enjoying a family day today. Rock on. Peace out.


Stephanie & Gabe said...

You said 'Rock on'. He he he! Your blog is beyond cute!

David & Red said...

I'm proud of you and super excited you are doing something like this for yourself - you go girl!

Oh, and Kudos to you for getting your skanky toes done. You can't walk around with skanky toes for too long...people will get the wrong idea.

ckuretich said...

hey! i'm hilarious! :) yay!

this, i love:

And I never met a doctor/dentist that I couldn't take advantage of with some crisis so its always awesome to have fresh meat.


You're doing a 10k? just like - what the hell? why not? man. I'm jeal.