Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So, what's new?

I think that my blogging takes a serious hit when I am not spending time on the treadmill. That seems to be where I come up with my best stuff because there is NOTHING else to do while pounding the belt. Especially when you don't get to the Y until sometime after 10 and the TV's are all on ESPN or the 700 Club - snore! So, today I got to the Y (total rabbit trail here . . . WHY do the Chinook helicopters choose to buzz our house ONLY during nap time - can I get a break here?!?) for some me time and now I'm feeling re-energized for blogging.

I don't really have a big theme for this post. Just bits and pieces I guess. So here we go:

Reid is rolling over like a maniac! I can't believe it. It seems like its so early but looking back at what Jake and Ainsley did I guess he is on track. But looking through their little baby calendars reminded me that they had both started to eat rice cereal by this point. It hadn't even crossed my mind that Reid might be getting ready for some outside sustenance. Poor kid. I guess that is going to be his lot in life as kid number 3.

Ainsley is preparing for a career in the WWE. I'm so very proud. Yesterday at the park she had to be disciplined twice for beating the crap out of another little boy. I'm not saying she just pushed or shoved, I am saying she went apes&*t on this kid because he took the ball she wanted. She is going to be the end of her daddy and me. That girl can really hold her own. I call her my little sassafras because she is just so sassy and crazy. When I call her sassy Jake says "She's not sassy, she's a girl." Ah if only it was that simple.

Jake and Ry are going on a father/son camping trip in a couple weeks and Jake is so excited he can't stand it. This place is called Cowboy Town and they'll camp by a lake, do a horseback ride and watch a wild west shootout. Its going to be great. On Sunday at church every time a new kid would arrive for Sunday School Jakey would grab them by the shoulders and say "I'm going to Cowboy Town, I'm SO excited." Honey and Ozzie are coming to visit next week and are going to bring him some necessities for the trip (hat, gun, etc) and I'm sure that'll be a whole new post. Rumor has it this gun is a cap gun or something equally loud and frightening. Sweet.

So that is a super long roundup of life around here. I'm hoping to get in another run tomorrow so stay tuned :)


Leslie Pigg said...

Hey Lace! Love your always. I can sooooo identify with all your ages & stages of your trio! And I enjoyed "Powerlifting" with you on Monday...hope your body was as sore as mine was! Leslie

Stephanie & Gabe said...

Now you, Leslie and Susan are making lazy non-powerlifting bums like me feel bad. I've jogged or hiked three times this week- does that count?

Gabe & Connor are hoping to do A Cowboy Town visit sometime soon too! You'll have to let us know how it went!

ckuretich said...

Cowboy Town?!?!?!? oh my...Jake is in for an awesome weekend. little doll. what a princess, that one. So ladylike and demure.

Poor Reid! then again, the baby of the family gets spoiled in lots of ways too, so it balances out.

Every time you write about the Y it makes me wish I was working out, and yet here I sit, for 8 straight hours, staring at this here computer....

David & Red said...

You crack me up. Seriously. I about snorted my eggs when I read "I am saying she went apes&*t on this kid". I can totally see her doing it. Of course, with 2 brothers - what's a girl to do? Maybe the responsible thing to do as a parent is go ahead and plan for #4 and make sure to time it so it's a girl. Baby needs a sister! You've already got the odyssey, what's one more kid? =0)