Friday, June 2, 2017

Two and a half weeks ago my mother-in-law, Belinda, went in for a CT scan to address nagging stomach pain that she's had for the last year.
One day later we sat in her doctor's office and heard the news that there was a large mass on her pancreas.
Three days after that we received news that blood work indicated that spots on her liver were tumors.
Three days later we sat in the office of the chief oncology surgeon at UNC Chapel Hill and listened as he explained to us that he thought it is most likely stage four pancreatic cancer.
One week ago today she underwent a biopsy of the spots on her liver that would confirm his suspicions.
And on Wednesday we received the news we didn't want to hear. The cancer has metastasized. It is stage 4. It is in her bloodstream or lymph nodes. It is terminal.
It's almost impossible to put into words what we are feeling. To explain what she means in our lives sounds too much like a eulogy. And I can't go there yet. 
But her importance to us, her value, our love for her, is inestimable.

I've been asked over and over (we have amazing friends) what we need. Right now we need prayer. For wisdom for next steps. For peace when we want to scream. For comfort for Belinda's hurting body. For our kids who can't yet understand.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Ok.  So maybe I know what you are thinking.   First oils, then jewelry, and now skin care???  Bare with me.  Please.

In case you quit reading early I'm going to jump to the good stuff! Recently I’ve become SO passionate about a new opportunity that has been on my radar for a long time but never felt right, until now.  

I first, half-heartedly, tried Rodan and Fields a few years ago.  I didn’t really give it a fair shake, I didn’t take the time to really understand the product line, and so when it didn’t immediately work I gave up.  Fast forward a year and a half and I was seeing so many people around me with great results (and after 25 years of acne I was desperate) that I gave it another shot. But this time I looked further into which regimen I should try, I asked more questions, I took the time to understand the cost involved (i.e.just because it’s a monthly auto-ship doesn’t mean the products only last one month (hint, they last WAY longer) and it also doesn’t mean you have to get something every month) and I gave it a fair shot, and in 60 days I’d seen enough improvement in my skin to convince me to keep going.  As issues popped up we fiddled here and there and found just the right combination to keep me clear.
Then, about a month ago I bought the Amp MD roller … after about a week of using it, Ryan looks at me one night and says “your skin looks really great”.  I almost fell over.  He didn’t know I had been doing anything different but here he was noticing.  Then my mom noticed.  Then I knew that I would be crazy not to jump on this opportunity.

I loved (and still love) Young Living oils.  I think they can do amazing things.  I use them all the time.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to the education or training I felt was necessary to make it a realistic business model for myself long term.  And it was not the easiest direct marketing business.  While the product line was awesome, the support for becoming a successful distributor was not.
So then, I found Stella and Dot where, again, I loved the products, I felt confident in my ability to style people without lots of training, and I knew the support would be great for a new stylist like myself.  And it was! I had a great 2 years doing it and I have nothing but great respect for the company and the people I worked with there…but lots of people (myself included) only need so much jewelry and I have no desire to be in a business where I have to pressure to be successful.

Rodan and Fields has been changing skin across the US for years but, really, they are just getting started.  Have you seen the new Lash Boost results?  Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to get my hands on that stuff.  And the expansion potential is crazy. 
My SOLUTION TOOL on my website will help you know for sure which to use!! Just go to my website and click on CUSTOMIZE and then SOLUTION TOOL in the big blue box!!  Let me know if you want to check it out!!!

Do I know a bunch of people who sell with Rodan and Fields? Yep.  And you know what, there is enough opportunity out there that every one of them is successful.  And I know that I can be to.  Really.  I’m doing it because its exciting and I BELIEVE in it.  And I love a challenge.  And I’m ready.

Intrigued?  Let’s chat!