Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm an idiot

OK, so I admit it, I'm stupid. Did I mention that I got strep throat a couple of weeks ago? It was the day before Ryan arrived home . . . Well, the problem is I could NOT remember to take my antibiotics. I tried so hard and while I can remember every dose when my kids are sick it just completely counfounded me when it came to medicating myself. After about 12 days of my on-again-off-again relationship with Penicillin VK I gave up. The final blow was when Reid developed a nasty yeast infection as a result of the medicine in my body that he was receiving through my milk. I thought I was super mom and I could handle it, nothing could touch me. Boy was I wrong.
I woke up for Reid's 5 a.m. feeding and my throat hurt like the dickens. It only got worse all day and so Ryan called our group doctor friend who confirmed that I'm stupid and that my strep was back. And now I had made it into super power strep because I just taught it how to kick Penicillin's ass. So, dear doctor called in a rx for me. I had to vow to take the whole round and to write 100 times "I am STUPID" on the chalkboard. What cracked me up was dear doctor describing to Ryan that Penicillin functions more as a sniper while Augmentin (the new med) is more of a cluster bomb. Army guys, gotta love 'em.
To make matters worse I was supposed to go out tonight for an FRG coffee and one of my favorite restaurants and then meet a bunch of girls for a Grey's Anatomy party to watch the finale (but more importantly to have chocolate fondue). Serves me right I guess.

And while I'm at it with this eternally long post let me add that tonight Ainsley learned how to crawl out of her crib. I was down in Reid's room doing his last feeding while Ryan cut the grass. All of the sudden I hear little feet running and then Ainsley saying "DADDY!!!" while she tried to open the storm door to get to him. I jump up with Reid hanging on for dear life to find that little sneak just pleased as pie with herself and her new trick. Ryan put her back, I finished feeding Reid and wander out of his room to find Ainsley's door open but her nowhere to be found. Well, I found her and Jake playing in his closet, trying to put on dress up clothes - they were having such fun together it was hard to be stern. But I put her back. I put her back again, and again, and again (the last couple times involved spankings) . . . so this brings a whole new element of fun and excitment to our household.

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Anonymous said...

There is a great safety invention called a crib tent. Gotta love it.