Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm totally famous

Wow, this blog has propelled me into the limelight and now there is just no hiding from my hoards of admirers. Its pretty awesome and I'm trying to be humble but its hard when you are just so stinking famous.
Ok, I exaggerate. One person recognized me. Ok, and I guess if you accidentally leave your blog address at the bottom of an email that you send out to a club with over 100 people in it chances are someone will be curious (or bored) enough to check it out. Well, and we had chatted before at the Y before she recognized me from my blog (Hi Sarah) but it still TOTALLY made my day.

Anyway, do you want to know what I learned over Memorial Day weekend? I learned that if you lose your child in Lowe's they have a whole procedure that they go through and this cool code on the loud speaker and everything. Pretty cool in theory except when it is your blond boy who is missing and you are just imagining him wandering off with a stranger or running into the parking lot in a panic. As it turns out he wasn't lost for long. Ryan and I split up (he took Ainsley and I took Reid) and after I ran to the front so they could put their Lost Child Procedure into action I circled a couple times before I spotted Ryan with a shopping cart containing one more child then when I'd seen him last. Jake wasn't scared at all. He was running around in the back of the store having a ball. Anyway, times like these are when I know people are looking at me and my offspring and they are just dying to throw me down on the ground right there and tie my tubes for me.

And maybe I should let them.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Eight years ago today I married my best friend. It was the best decision I've ever made (with the caveat of giving my life to Jesus - but that just seems to be in a whole other category). Its been an amazing ride and I wouldn't change a thing.

The song that is now playing on my blog has become "our song" - especially over this last deployment. It absolutely says it all and I still cry every time I hear this song. So turn up your speakers, sit back, and listen to my love story.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ok, so my goal this post is to not write all about my children but take my focus off them for two seconds and write about me. So that is your warning that this might be boring and probably not overly funny but I'm going to indulge my narcissistic tendencies for a few minutes. Don't you just love that word . . . those are words you throw around a lot when you are married to a clinical psychologist.
A couple months ago my friend (who I'll name later if she gives me permission - right now I'll call her N) asked if I wanted to team up with her and another friend (I'll call A) to do a triathlon together as a team. The idea being that N would swim, A would bike and I would do the run. I was totally excited. It is fun to have a goal in mind when I'm running and I've wanted to do a race for a while but pregnancy kept getting in the way. So we settled on one in August at Falls Creek Falls here in TN. We are going to make a weekend trip out of it with our families which I'm sure will add an element of stress. But still totally exciting. So my part is a 10K run and while I run a lot I don't often have quite the time to get in 6 miles but in preparation for the race I'm going to try and do a run a little over 6 miles at least once a week. Yesterday I headed out for my first run since my strep relapse and my goal was to go about 48 minutes at a moderate pace and then measure it later to see what I'd accomplished. Well, the run went great, I was tired but not dead at the end and later when I clocked it I found I'd run just shy of 6 1/2 miles. I was so excited. Now I have a definite time goal to work for (I want to do it in under 45 mintues - as the race gets closer I'll decide how far under). So that is some blathering about my personal endeavor!
This weekend has been great. It seems like it just keeps going and going and going. When Ryan is gone I LOATHE weekends but when he is home they are so fantastic. It seriously blows my mind what a difference a couple weeks makes in our life. Friday I sent Ry off to play golf while I took the kiddos to an ice cream social that was tons of fun. We had some friends from group over for a cookout including the new dentist and his family so we've managed to expand our circle of health care providers that we have an "in" with. And I never met a doctor/dentist that I couldn't take advantage of with some crisis so its always awesome to have fresh meat. Saturday it was my turn for some me time (I told Ryan he could play golf as long as he wanted as long as I got that same amount of time later in the weekend for myself) so I shopped, got my toes done (because as my hilarious friend Christin says they were "skanky") ate some lunch . . . it was awesome. And now we are enjoying a family day today. Rock on. Peace out.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Dress

So, my mom (who is a really amazing seamstress) sews Ainsley really adorable stuff all the time. This last dress she really outdid herself with all the extra touches and embellishments it is just incredibly cute. Problem is Ainsley goes crazy-psycho when the dress comes within five feet of her. Even before I ever put it on her for the first time she was crying. So today we decided to just put it on and eventually she'd get over it. Well, scroll down to see what happened.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some pics

It was a big week around here. Last week of school for Jake and Ainsley and a gymnastics outing with MOMS Club that was a blast. Nonny also sent a big box of clothes for the kids so there are pics of that too.

I'm an idiot

OK, so I admit it, I'm stupid. Did I mention that I got strep throat a couple of weeks ago? It was the day before Ryan arrived home . . . Well, the problem is I could NOT remember to take my antibiotics. I tried so hard and while I can remember every dose when my kids are sick it just completely counfounded me when it came to medicating myself. After about 12 days of my on-again-off-again relationship with Penicillin VK I gave up. The final blow was when Reid developed a nasty yeast infection as a result of the medicine in my body that he was receiving through my milk. I thought I was super mom and I could handle it, nothing could touch me. Boy was I wrong.
I woke up for Reid's 5 a.m. feeding and my throat hurt like the dickens. It only got worse all day and so Ryan called our group doctor friend who confirmed that I'm stupid and that my strep was back. And now I had made it into super power strep because I just taught it how to kick Penicillin's ass. So, dear doctor called in a rx for me. I had to vow to take the whole round and to write 100 times "I am STUPID" on the chalkboard. What cracked me up was dear doctor describing to Ryan that Penicillin functions more as a sniper while Augmentin (the new med) is more of a cluster bomb. Army guys, gotta love 'em.
To make matters worse I was supposed to go out tonight for an FRG coffee and one of my favorite restaurants and then meet a bunch of girls for a Grey's Anatomy party to watch the finale (but more importantly to have chocolate fondue). Serves me right I guess.

And while I'm at it with this eternally long post let me add that tonight Ainsley learned how to crawl out of her crib. I was down in Reid's room doing his last feeding while Ryan cut the grass. All of the sudden I hear little feet running and then Ainsley saying "DADDY!!!" while she tried to open the storm door to get to him. I jump up with Reid hanging on for dear life to find that little sneak just pleased as pie with herself and her new trick. Ryan put her back, I finished feeding Reid and wander out of his room to find Ainsley's door open but her nowhere to be found. Well, I found her and Jake playing in his closet, trying to put on dress up clothes - they were having such fun together it was hard to be stern. But I put her back. I put her back again, and again, and again (the last couple times involved spankings) . . . so this brings a whole new element of fun and excitment to our household.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Maybe Tomorrow . . .

Good Monday morning to ya! What a great weekend. It was so busy my head is still spinning but I LOVE being busy especially when its super fun busy. Group date night on Friday was a blast at a yummy new sushi restaurant, Saturday we picked strawberries (ran into "the twins" from A's preschool class and she was in heaven to have her boyfriends there) and hosted a shower for a dear friend and ended the evening with a few batches of freezer jam. Sunday we had a wonderful morning of worship, Jake and I had a great (but very chilly) time at a birthday pool party and then ended the evening at a cookout with at our favorite cookout spot with some of our favorite cookout people. I'm so pleased with the weekend ;)

So, anyway, I've meant to post for a long time why this blog has the name Maybe Tomorrow. Well, Jake often goes through short phases where a certain phrase rules his vocab and for a while it was "maybe tomorrow". It was the cutest thing ever. Jake would ask us to do something and anytime we would say "no" his response would be a very sweet "maybe tomorrow". It was just so precious in spirit and attitude and made it so easy on us if we had to let him down on something. So, an example conversation would be:
"Mom, can we go outside and swim?"
"No Jake, its to cold, we have to wait until summer."
"Maybe tomorrow".
'Ok, Jake, maybe tomorrow."

As with all phases that one ended and I miss it. I loved when he would say that. His new phrase is "You've GOTTA be KIDDING me". Very cute too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Failed

This morning I took the kids to the library. This morning I completely failed my boy Jake.

See, I was there for a MOMS club get together and I was happily chatting away with a couple other moms (hi Jennifer and Kristen) when I look to the other end of the play area and see Jake sitting at the table where the chess set is. There is a mom there with her two boys who were maybe 4 and 5 years old and Jake is watching. From where I'm sitting I can't tell exactly what Jake is doing but it looks to me like he is just watching so I didn't haul myself down there to investigate as I was enjoying my conversation (I was also holding Reid and trying to keep the Ainsley beast in line). THAT was my first failure.

I looked up a minute later and see the chess table lady saying something to Jake. I didn't think much of it. Then 30 seconds later I see him walking very slowly toward me with a devastated look on his precious little face. His lip was stuck out so far I could see it from across the room. I ran over to him and he began to cry and just looked back at the chess table with the saddest look on his face. I gathered him in my arms and asked what was wrong and could only really gather that something unkind was said to my son. I kissed him and told him it was ok and that some people are just not very nice. But then I had my second failure. I should have gone over to that woman (I'll just call her that instead of all the other words I'd like to call her) and asked her what she said to my son that made him so upset. I should have asked what could have been so crucial about the game of chess they were playing in the children's section of the library that she would hurt a three year old little boys feelings. I should have said a million things but I didn't.

I failed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Ode to the UPS Man

Oh man in brown how my heart does beat faster when I hear the distant rumble of your truck. As you rumble up Cullom Way I do hope and pray that maybe today you will stop at my house again. Our visits are so brief, and yet they define my entire day. If your truck stops there is joy and expectation. If you rumble by my heart sinks and I remind myself that tomorrow is another day and perhaps then will I see you upon my doorstep.
I watch you pull to a stop and then rummage in the back for what is only moments but seems like a lifetime to see what kind of box will be pulled from the cavern of goodness. You jog to my door in your jaunty little shorts. As the doorbell rings I know you hear my squeals of delight even as you are heading back on your way. What is it today? My latest ebay find? The monthly delivery from (each box containing over 400 diapers for the littlest bums in the house)? Gymboree? Garnet Hill? Athleta? Or a rare and unexpected gift from someone who knows me too well?
Oh UPS man, my heart does long for your visits. But if you pass me by on your 10:30 a.m. run I know I still have a shot at the 5:00 p.m. run and so I wait. I wait.

P.S. Just an aside that it is SO not cool when you pull up and then run across the street to the neighbors. Its enough to send me for the box of wine.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just another day

Sometimes I get stuck with this blog because I think I either have to come up with something hilarious or profound in order to post it. Then I remind myself this is my blog dangit and if I want to write mindless drivel I can. No one out there is being forced to read this (although I'm honored that there are three of you who do).
Ok, I'll get off my soap box now. Today was great. It was great because exactly one week ago today Monday was my day of insanity and just seven days later none of the activities have changed but the addition of the dad back into the household made our Monday downright enjoyable (I know this sentence is a grammatical nightmare - if it bothers you quit reading). From preschool to the gym, a chance to catch up with a friend over coffee, umpteen loads of laundry, finishing up a MOMS club scrapbook project, ordering a cake for a shower I'm hosting this weekend, swinging by the post office, organizing an event at Books-A-Million, being a listening ear to a neighbor in crisis, and finally swim lessons, a hurried shower at the Y, Chick-fil-A in the car and then bed . . . the day never stopped. But with Ryan to help it was great rather then a huge headache (then or than . . . one of my greatest grammatical quandrys). And Ryan even got a chance to hit a couple of buckets of balls while I stayed home and made chocolate chip cookies! What a day. I'm so grateful for my crazy busy life and most of all for each day we are blessed to have Ryan home with us!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Overheard at our house . . .

Scene: Jake is in the bathroom and I'm in the playroom

Jake: "1, 2, 3, 3, 4 . . ."

Me: "Jake, watcha doin'?"

Jake: "Counting my poops mom."


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You have to laugh

So, yesterday was the big day of Ryan's return. Even though its only been a couple months since we'd last seen him (he was home for Reid's birth) it was still a big deal and we could celebrate the first time to really have him home in 8 months. In true Lacey form I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted the lawn cut, house immaculate, children clean, well-mannered and speaking in three languages and for him to find a beautiful, polished and fit wife who breezed through the whole thing effortlessly. Which is ridiculous and I know it. I know I should show him the "gritty reality" (sorry, this is a favorite phrase in our house and if you want the back story I'll try to post it soon) of life when he is gone so he can feel even more sorry for me but I just don't work like that.

On Sunday night I knew from Ryan that they should be arriving sometime Monday afternoon or evening but not much else. I sent an email to my FRG (Family Readiness Group) leader to ask if she had more info and she replied that she didn't but she'd try to find out. So, Monday dawns and I get a phone call bright and early to tell me that Ryan is definitely on the flight (uh, good, because if not I'm going to have a lot of explaining to do to Jake) and that they should be arriving at 6:45. Now here is where it gets funny. Samarie (the FRG lady) is Puerto Rican. She has a heavy accent. And I don't do well with accents. So I ask her where we are meeting the guys and she tells me at the airfield (this I can understand) but from that point on I only understood every fourth word and had to make her repeat EVERYTHING she said. And she is giving me directions so its just ridiculous. "Go down towards the airfield and when you see the big plane, turn (me: What big plane?) Then you'll see a tank and turn (me: which direction - and is there more then one tank or will it be obvious). And there will be a building and its there (me: ok, if I know anything about Ft. Campbell its that there are approximately 1.73 million buildings and I have a feeling it will NOT be clear which one I'm supposed to go in)".
Right. Come again?!?! If this is the best directions I'm getting then I know I'm screwed.

At that time my friends Garrett and Kimiko call and I ask them for guidance thinking surely there must be an easier way to describe the location to me. Garrett is in the background giving Kimko directions to relay to me and I hear him say "Tell her to turn right at the big plane and then look for the tank with the missile and after that she'll turn left."
At this point I started laughing out loud. Oh, the tank WITH the missile . . . why didn't Samarie just say that in the first place. Now it all makes sense (thick sarcasm here in case you were wondering).

Finally I figure out where I'm going and I go about my day preparing for their arrival at 6:45. At 3 I get a call from Ryan letting me know they are in Fort Bragg. I tell him we'll see him in a few hours and he sounds surprised saying that they are getting ready to get back on the plane to come. I freak out, call our FRG sponsor and ask her if she knows anything. She in turn sets off a chain of calls that go up the ladder and then back down to me. She starts off saying "how fast can you get here" and I say "oh crap". I start running around, throwing kids in the bathtub left and right, trying to curl my hair into place, trying to find pants that fit, sweating profusely, all the while Reid is hanging off me trying to eat. It was insane.
So, now that you are all in suspense I can end this story by letting you know it was a wonderful homecoming, we arrived just in time, anyone else that made it in time was there because Ryan had called me and set things in motion . . . and we are thrilled to be back together.
Gotta love the Army!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The mind of Lacey

As I ponder life there are a few things I would change if I could:

- That I could use the term holla without sounding ridiculous
- That my best hair days didn’t always happen when I have nowhere to go.
- That my three year old didn’t have a somewhat alarming obsession with my boobs.
- That Clarksville had a Panera Bread.
- That I didn’t have to give my kids a bath every night while balancing Reid on my knee (or worse yet nursing him).
- Sometimes I wish Jake hadn’t learned to talk but only when I’m being a BAD mommy (but I get tired of hearing “mom I have something to tell you” 500 times a minute).
- That my baby’s growth spurts didn’t always seem to happen near the beginning of a super-mega-enormous box of very expensive diapers.
- That’s it because I’m sleepy.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Three Tags

Today I was at the Y running on the treadmill. I pulled on the sleeve of my shirt to wipe off my sweat and as I did I glanced down at my t-shirt. Sticking to my shirt were the three tags I was given when I dropped each of my children off at child care. One for each kid. Once again I was overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have been given these three precious kids. Its in the most inane things that I find myself speechless that God has trusted me with so much. I don't know what it is about the number three but it blows me away in every sense of the word.

As I continued my run I would occasionally glance up and a woman on the elliptical in front of me caught my eye. She had on an adorable outfit, her ponytail was perfect and she had a cute figure with no sign of varicose veins to be seen. I could have been jealous but the only thought that popped into my head was "I bet she doesn't have three tags." And as she finished up her leisurely workout and turned around I could see she didn't have any tags at all. And I thought to myself that I would take my poorly put together outfit, bag under my eyes, hair swept into a clippy look any day if that meant I got to have these three tags on my shirt. One for each precious blessing I've been given.