Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Randomness

As promised here are some more random things you should know to get the Full Lacey:

- I think mayo is the perfect condiment. I really can't think of many condiment worthy foods that don't benefit from mayo. French fries, grilled cheese, hamburgers . . . I could come up with more but I don't want to gross anyone out. But just to prove my point - I think the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich is quite possibly the most perfect sandwich every created but if I can't find mayo to go on it I might just not even bother.

- Apparently I don't know how to spell mayo. I feel like I'm close but I don't have the self-confidence to do it wrong. I know what your thinking - I'm obviously typing this on a computer so for Pete's sake Google! Wickipedia! Ask Jeeves! Nah, I'm too lazy. I'd rather whine that I'm not sure if it has two S's or two N's.

- If we leave for church on Sunday and we are all in either the brown or black family than I truly feel I've accomplished something good. If, however, Ryan and I are in the black family of clothes and then Jake comes running in with brown shoes and belt I just want to cry. If my kids are all black or brown that at least makes me feel better even if it doesn't coordinate with Ryan and me.

*The last thought was jogged by Troy's facebook note
** On the last thought I mean not that we are all wearing black or brown but that our accessories or scheme is in the same genre.

Friday, January 23, 2009


That would be me. I'm a big old loser lately as far as my world of blogging goes. Its not that I don't want to blog, its just that this year is wearing me out so far and I haven't had the energy to keep all my balls in the air. If it comes down to feeding my kids or blogging, well its a tough decision but they tend to win out. And its also not that there aren't lots of things to blog about because there are plenty. I feel like so much has changed lately both with relationships and just in my own world. But I don't feel it would be fair to blog about the former (which is kinda a reason I wish sometimes I had a secret blog . . . anywho) and don't know if I'm at liberty to blog about the latter. Cryptic, huh? That's how I roll.
I did this thing on Facebook the other day where I wrote 16 Random Things about myself. But I keep coming up with more stuff. How incredibly narcissistic would it be if I just kept writing new Facebook notes about myself. Like, "oh wait, don't you want to know even more about me?" I mean, isn't that what my blog is for. So I thought I'd add some more random things here and now I can't think of any. Typical.
Did I mention that my big boys are off on an adventure to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY this weekend. I'm incredibly jealous because they are with spittin' distance of my most dear roomate EVER and I bet they won't spit on her at all. Ok, now THAT was funny. I'm sitting here laughing at myself. Anyway, its so weird (read: EASY) to only have two kids. I do NOT know what you moms of two are whining about all the time. Ok, I'm just kidding. If someone would have said that to me pre-Reid I would have hurt them. I think its just all in what you are used to. Only getting two kids buckled in the car - a cinch! Doing the preschool dropoff/pickup thing with two - a breeze! Feeding two kids lunch - a walk in the park! Naptime - a dream come true! Now, I'm sure by the end of the weekend I'll be dying for my Jake to get home but right now, I kinda am enjoying life without being asked every 5 minutes if I can turn on the computer for him.
Don't stay away too long. My new goal in life is to come up with more random thoughts and post them here. I know, my goals are lofty. Try to keep up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The New Style

Four and Three And Two and One (whatup) and when I'm on the mic, this sucker's done.

OK, sorry, I couldn't resist. If you have no idea what I just wrote I forgive you. If you are however married to me or your name is Christin you know exactly what that is and you love it. And I love you.

On to the real point of this post (is there one?) oh yes. So I have a new style now in the mornings. It starts with my alarm on my watch going off at 5:20 a.m. I've learned that the best thing is to put it a few feet away on my chest of drawers so I have to get up to turn it off. Or I could let it beep but Ryan might kill me. So I get up and turn it off. Plod into the bathroom and then into the kitchen where my coffee is brewed and waiting for me. And then the day begins. And you know what . . . its great. Today was only my third day of getting up early and I'm praying I maintain the motivation to keep with this schedule because, for me, it is revolutionary. I turn my living room lights on brightly overhead to give a further jolt to my sense and then I snuggle into my favorite chair for time of prayer and bible reading. Something that I've always struggled to make a priority! Even though I know I desperately needed it I was determined to find some way other than first thing in the morning. And, you know what, for me it just did not work. Ever.

After that precious time I move on to my next task which on a non school day is usually a chore like folding the laundry. On a school day I use that time to get showered and dressed before the kids wake up. Then I have the time to greet my children, make my husbands lunch, make everyone breakfast and, in general, start out our day on the right foot.

What initially seemed like an enormous sacrifice to me has turned out to be the biggest blessing I could have asked for. I'm excited about this new style of mine and thankful for the wise insight that brought me here. NEver in a million years would I have come up with this idea on my own - but through the Girl Talk blog ( I found their awesome idea of the 5 am club and decided to create my own 5:20 club. While I'm still the only member I feel encouraged to know that these women are out there doing the same thing and seeing the fruits and rewards.

In closing I feel the need to make one thing really clear . . . I am not at all trying to toot my horn. I know this style is from the Lord and its only through Him that I've even managed to get up these past three days at all! I'm in awe of His provision and goodness to me in my feeble attempts at obedience. So please, don't for one second think anything more of me than that I am His servant and He is blessing me abundantly. The reason I do share is because I'm excited and I want to share the good works He is doing. And to encourage all my fellow Sisters out there.

B-E-A-S-T-I-E (whatup Mike D) oh yeah that's me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lacey's Recommendations

I have a number of recommendations that I've wanted to post for a while. As my blog continues to evolve I've decided to try and add in my thoughts on places I like, love and those that I pledge my undying dedication to. I know you are all out their just waiting desperately to hear what I think so I've decided to meet the needs of my clamoring fan base.
So let's start out with my feet :) Back in December when I was recovering from my tonsillectomy (did ya hear I had my tonsils out? did I mention that it hurt?) I wanted a little pampering and what better place to start that my toes. I headed to the new Foxy Nails in the Shoppes at Willow Chase (sorry you non Clarksville residents) to give it a try on Troy's recommendation. What followed was an absolutely fantastic pedicure. Halfway through I was sure I was getting the more expensive spa pedicure even though I hadn't asked for it but decided to let it go. And then when it came time to pay I was only charged $25 . . . SO the only logical conclusion is that their regular ol' pedicure is so fabulous it'll make you feel like you are getting the superstar treatment. Its all nice and new with a big plasma TV that was showing something nice and relaxing. The lighting is dim and soothing. The nail technicians were very friendly without being too talkative. Only thing that could have made the experience better was a beverage. Just a note in case the Foxy folks are checking out my blog. So ladies (guys too) if you haven't been to Foxy get yo-self over there. You'll be glad you did.
The other evening I cracked the carafe on our coffee pot which has left us in a coffee famine the past few days. So we've been running up to the new Blue Notes Cafe here in Sango for some morning Joe. I can't say enough how thrilled I am with this new addition to our area. The coffee is delish, the folks their are SO friendly, the menu looks absolutely yummy and they even have live music in the evenings. PLEASE go and visit these guys. Buy something. Buy lots of somethings. Treat yourself to a sandwich and some Wi-Fi, write out your New Years goals while sipping a latte, relax with an appetizer and some music. Let's support these guys. I'd hate to see a wonderful business like this not make it. I'm going back very soon for a more substantial purchase. I mean, its the least I can do :)
And finally, I dragged my family back to Jump Zone (somewhat with my tail between my legs) to use the free passes we were gifted after my less than positive review. What can I say - we had a great time. The kids love the inflatables there, they have a new baby area that is great for Reid, the snacks are well priced with a great selection . . . it was good. Ryan said "this place is really cool" . . . and I looked at him with ice in my eyes and said "traitor". But, he was right. It is cool. And I forgive them - ha. The only negative was when I noticed the manager and "rule boy" having a hushed conversation while looking knowingly in my direction. I was spotted. I knew they'd been waiting for me to come back. Well, I went. It was good. Now stop talking about me. Oh, one final note - please install some coat hooks over the shoe area. During the winter this is a MUST.
And there you have it folks. Enjoy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Reliving the Christmas Glory

So as the first real week of the new year sets in I'm going to take some time and look back over some of the wonderful things I was gifted over Christmas. Far and away the best gift was having my little family of five altogether . . . but yada, yada, let's get on to the good stuff.

Chyloe & co. gave me this awesome purse. Isn't it so fun?

My mother-in-law Belinda gave me two of these amazing windows from her shop. I am going to put pictures in the panes and then hang them. One is going over Ainsley's bed.And then my parents are always happy to meet my cooking needs. I desperately needed an instant read thermometer that reads a wide variety of temps. I already made some yummy french bread with its help. And then these adorable little pinch bowls. And finally the pot clip. I mean isn't that thing ingenious!!!!!!!!!


And finally look at this gorgeous trench coat I got - Its seems more like a pea coat to me in soft wool but Gap calls it a trench. It was a Chyloe find. I always need to go shopping with her.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Honey's Handiwork

So the next few posts are going to be designed to make you green with envy at all the wonderful things I got for my birthday, Christmas and on our shopping extravaganzas in Tampa and Columbus! But my first post has to start with some of my most special things handmade by my mom (Honey).

For my birthday she made me this purse - isn't it just incredible! The inside has my name monogrammed inside and included a personalized sunglass holder! The button on the front is an antique that belonged to my Great Grandma Helene for whom I'm named. I proudly carried this bag through all our recent trips and felt so cool and chic with it!

And to atone for the summer dress fiasco Ainsley went crazy for her newest Honey-made couture. The bow and tights were also from Honey and altogether it is just one of the cutest darn outfits I've ever seen. She wore it for her 3rd birthday party and looked adorable.

Of course, on the first day she wore this dress (along with her new snow boots - one can never be too prepared) her dress fell in the potty so I had to take it off. Ainsley insisted on walking around with her panties and tights around her knees for at least a good hour.