Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13th

Things are trucking along out here in Pinehurst. Its been so hot the past few days but finally we had a beautiful day today and while I crave the coolness that fall should bring I'm still trying to enjoy it. I know I'll be sick of the cold in no time . . . all the work it brings putting shoes on and jackets on! One thing I won't miss is mosquitoes! Ugh! I am so sick of those nasty little things. Ainsley will now track me down and present me with a cotton ball and the calomine lotion if she get attacked before I've sprayed her down with Off. I hear that they finally die after two frosts and at this point it feels like that is never going to happen. Thankfully its cool enough that we have been able to enjoy our fireplace outside in the evenings. That may be one of the best investments in family time we will ever make. Plus it brings out the pyromaniac in all of us . . . and better to have our kids do it in our presence than on their own :)
Ainsley is on the final few days of her two week fall break (Pre-K can be pretty grueling, you know). I've really enjoyed the time with her these past couple weeks. She and Reid are so sweet to each other and play so nicely together when Jake isn't around. Speaking of Jake he had a half day of school today and it was so nice to have a relaxing afternoon around the house with him. Really makes me wish we could put him in a half day kindergarten but I know at this point its more important to keep him stable . . . plus he has a really great teacher at Pinehurst Elementary.
I've been trying to get back in my groove of waking up early to spend time with the Lord (on the days that I don't go out and run). Its a wonderful time for me and I really treasure that peace and quiet before the craziness of the day starts. Reid did thwart me this morning as he showed up in our room about 5 minutes before my alarm went off and snuggled up to me. I could not make myself leave him so I got up an hour later then I'd planned! But even so Jake got fed and dressed and sent off to school on time.
Is anyone else watching the show Sister Wives on TLC. Its pure craziness but I can't keep myself from watching. If you missed it you might be out of luck because I think the season finale is next week . . . better luck next time!
Alright people, that's all I've got for you. Back to your regularly scheduled lives ;)