Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the first day of Christmas break my children gave to me...

1 bloody tooth (courtesy of Ainsley punching Jake in the mouth this morning. He and Reid were rough housing and Ains kept getting caught in the crossfire. I warned them repeatedly to calm down and when they didn't she clocked him. The tooth was obviously loose already and I felt badly for him but not too badly. He had it coming).
2 belly laughs ....Ainsley woke up this morning and walked out in the living room and said to Reid, "hey Reid, my first name is really Ains and my last name is really about that?" and I laughed so hard. Where does she come up with this stuff? The second laugh came when I relayed the story to a friend.
3 soaking wet items from my grocery bag. It's kind of hard to explain how this one happend but I will give it a try. Reid and Jane Dare had a mid morning bath/playtime in the tub. When I turned my back for one minute to take something to my room someone (Reid) hatched the plan to hop out of the tub, run across the kitchen, pull a new pack of diapers and two baking ingredients I'd just purchased at Walmart out of the shopping bag and take them into the bathtub with them. Pretty sure Reid's hiney is still red from that spanking.
4 annoyed customers. The other people who were waiting in the customer service line with us at Walmart when the computer malfunctioned and our wait stretched on and on. As each minute ticked by my kids got increasingly loud, antsy, naughty, did I mention loud? It was torturous. By the time wr finally got to the front of the line I quickly purchased my stamps and scurried out without making eye contact with anyone.
5 extra pounds. Christmas baking with children means lots of rejects. I am a major stress eater and so every squabble, scream and tear resulted in another cookie being popped in my mouth. I can feel my pants growing tighter by the minute.
I am pretty sure if we did have a partridge in a pear tree around here it would have run for its life hours ago. I might not be far behind.