Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maybe, just maybe, you can buy happiness

I mean, I don't want to make this post seem too materialistic right from the get go but I don't have that much time to beat around the bush lately. So let's get right to the point - a couple of weeks ago I pulled out Ryan's laptop, I clicked here and clicked there, I entered in my Amex number from memory (oh yes, I know it forwards and backwards including the expiration date and security code), pressed "purchase" and instantly was happier at just the prospect of what was coming. Three days later the UPS man visited (don't think I need to detail again how I feel about that) and again, happiness. But that night, as I put my purchase to the test I found pure joy. What was it that brought me such delight?

Paintbrush flannel sheets from Garnet Hill. Without a doubt the best money I have spent in a long time. Every night I get into bed and am transported to my own special world. I actually plan what pj's I'm going to wear to bed to maximize the amount of skin that will be touching the sheets without freezing my tush off during those occasional middle of the night feedings. To sum up, I did buy myself some happiness. And I highly recommend you do the same - you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Gymnastics Show

For the past couple of years, around the time when Reid was born, Jake and Ainsley have participated in gymnastics off and on. They absolutely love it and whenever time allows I get them registered - which wasn't always as often as they would have liked. In TN they went to SKIES on post because it was low cost, the timing of the classes worked well, and (most importantly) the waiting area was big enough for my non-participants to run and play without causing me constant stress.
So when we moved here to NC I knew I wanted to get them involved in gymnastics to help ease the transition by putting them in something that would feel familiar. For some reason Ainsley started calling gymnastics class the "gymnastics show" during her last round of classes at SKIES this fall. It always makes us laugh because if you know Ainsley you know that her life is one big show. And when she is at class it is taken up a notch - she dances and prances and twirls and skips through the whole hour. When its gymnastics day she is ready to go from the time she gets out of bed and is constantly asking if she can put on her "black" - her affectionate term for her leotard. (As I'm sitting writing this she walked up and asked me about it . . .she is on top if it today!).
On Friday they tried out their new classes at Sandhills Gymnastics - Ainsley in Tumblebears and Jake in Beginner Tumbling and Tramp. They had a blast. This gym is so fantastic - especially compared to SKIES where they had a blast probably because they didn't know any better and despite their incredibly apathetic coaches. Ainsley's coach here had her number within about 5 minutes noting that a walk from point A to point B is much more complicated with an aspiring gymnast such as Ains because any opportunity to jump or twirl or bounce that might present itself along the way is immediately jumped on. Another little girl in the class figured this out too (apparently she is the self appointed watch dog of the class and since she is easily twice Ainsley's size in body weight I guess it works out) and so the coach would walk holding Ainsley's hand while the little girl would walk behind Ainsley doing her best sheepdog imitation nipping at Ainsley's heals to keep her in line.
I don't know that I am crazy about the idea of Ainsley pursuing gymnastics as she grows (its a great sport but I have concerns about the prevalence of eating disorders and high injury rate) but if ever a kid was made for it its her. She has the spunk, sass, teeny size, fearlessness, energy, stubborness - the whole package - to be good.
And yep, Jake was there too and he had a great time and was very cute too but its hard to live up to Ainsley stories in this type of situation.
Well, I better wrap this up as its almost time for the show!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting settled

So we are here in Pinehurst. It feels like its been forever in coming and sometimes hard to believe its actually here. I have so many emotions about it that its just about impossible to sum up how I'm feeling. I haven't lived in North Carolina as a full time resident since I was 18 - its almost surreal to be back. I can't get over the fact that my family is a two hour drive away - its something I always dreamed of. The other night I was feeling under the weather and worried I was getting sick - but what a thought it was when I realized if I needed to I could call my parents and they could come out even just for a day to nurse me back to health :) Its beautiful here in Pinehurst. When I drive around I'm constantly rubber-necking at the beautiful homes, golf courses and just the unique and wonderful terrain. I love our house. I have granite countertops - I'm not sure if there is much more to say - that pretty much sums it up. And so far most people have been very, very friendly. Oh and there is Harris Teeter. Free cookies, free balloons, tons of samples around the store, swanky products . . . my first job was as a HT cashier. Its like being home again.
BUT - I still feel like a huge outsider. I don't know where things are. I hate being the new parent at preschool - esp. when Ainsley is being Ainsley. Church shopping has proved frustrating and underwhelming. I don't have anyone to call to watch the kids so Ryan and I can go on a (much needed) date night. And I thought Ryan and I had something special with our builder's son and now he never even comes over anymore. OK, that is a joke and if it doesn't make sense its ok. I'm secure enough in my humor. And finally, as much as I love HT my shopping takes me forever because I still don't know where things are and so I wander around more than I'd like.
So, there is an update on our life for now. There are so many people I am missing and would love to catch up with on the phone but unfortunately the reality of four kids is setting in and I rarely get a spare moment let alone 15-20 minutes to chat on the phone. But if you miss me too please call me - don't just wait for me to call. It would make my day.
So, the kids are still pretty cute and pretty funny. Lately Jake has taken to using the word "soakling". As in, "Mom, if I wash my hands then they will be soakling wet". I love it. And Reid likes to say "Oh man!" and it is beyond adorable. He also is constantly asking us what we are doing. Only, the words run together and I think he gets lost in the midst of his sentence so it comes out more like "A ju, ju, do, ju, ju, doing?" And then we just repeat what he said back to him because we think its so funny. And at bedtime Ainsley has taken to asking for "A kiss" (kiss) and "a hug" (hug) and "a squeeeeeze" (squeeeeeeeeeeze). Most of Ainsley's humor is in her mannerisms which are hard to describe but if you've ever told her no and seen her hand her head, droop her shoulders and heave an enormous sigh then you know what I'm talking about. Then there is baby Jane Dare who may or may not be recovering from a direct kick to the cheek from her 23 month old brother (and yes, he had shoes on and yes, I was sitting RIGHT there when he did it). She is practically perfect in every way (the practically part due to her excessive desire to spit up). She sleeps like a champ, she coos and talks and smiles. She is a true doll baby.
So, until next time . . .