Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who Wants to Party

(I'm too tired to edit or send it to my awesome editor (my SIL Allie) so read at your own risk).

Finally, the long awaited post on what arrived at my doorstep at 8 am last Monday morning.  I think that my ears are specially tuned in to hear the wheels of a delivery truck on my asphalt driveway.  So I was surprised to hear that familiar (and oh so beloved) sound so early in the day as I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup in my bathroom.  I went to check it out with my two little helpers hot on my heels and we all squealed with delight at the sight of the Fedex truck sitting in front of my door!

I thought it was kind of funny that he took so much care to enter my name into his computer correctly and then I looked at the package and realized why.

Alcohol!?!?! SWEET!!!

So I pull it inside and rip that baby open to find this (this picture does NOT do it justice)

A basket FULL of Godiva chocolate products and a bottle of champagne.  I was absolutely floored.  And the ribbon says "Is deployment over yet?"  SO cute!!!  It turns out that a sister in military wifehood and dear friend of my brother and sister-in-laws wanted to do something to encourage me and make me feel loved.  I can't imagine anything that could have done it more than just the simple fact that she took the time (and expense) to make me a priority in her very busy life - tracking down my address, checking to see what kind of treats I liked ... all while raising two kids, working full time and keeping tabs on her stud-pilot hubby!  Leah (and Mark) your generosity touched me more than I can even express.

Its hard to put into words how lonely it can be sometimes.  There are days I wake up and don't talk to another adult at all!  Weekends are the worst because the busy-ness of our week comes to a screeching halt and the void left by Ryan's absence is felt so deeply.  And even though I know my friends are there waiting for me to reach out I feel like I pull into my shell even deeper and tighter.  I hunker down.  And then its easy to let my mind play tricks and to feel forgotten.  After the initial flurry of messages and support when he leaves the days start to tick on and the loneliness grows deeper.  Which is what was so fantastic about the timing of Leah's gift.  It let me know I wasn't forgotten.  I felt like I got a great big hug from so many miles away.  And I know the loneliness will creep back in and that's ok.  I'm ready for it.  Because when that pity party starts up again I've got a whole basket full of chocolate and booze that tell me its going to be one heck of a party!

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