Thursday, February 14, 2013

You Might Be Training For A Marathon If ...

If your drying rack is always set up and covered in running tights, shirts & sports bras that you don't trust to the dryer.  

If your garage has a space that looks like this:

And your closet has more (your newer pairs)

But wait, there's more!  How on earth could you look down at these puppies and not smile.  They make me happy just to put them on!  They are a 1/2 size too small and I need to exchange them with Road Runner Sports but I don't want to part with them for long enough!

And if this is the contents of your purse.  In case you can't make out what is below I pulled it out for you in the next picture.

My Garmin GPS watch, Clif blocks (black cherry with caffeine - the only way to go), a power bar (I usually have a KIND bar too but I ate it this morning after my 14 miler), a pepper spray (my kids think I attack dogs with it - somehow that explanation went terribly wrong), a Hammer gel (also caffeinated), Oakley sunglasses that I love (found them on the side of a busy road- bet a bike rider lost them.  hmmmm, so sad.) and my Nathan belt that holds my phone, pepper spray and toilet paper when I don't have big enough pockets in my tights or shorts.  Toilet paper?  Oh yes, toilet paper.  When you spend a lot of time pounding the pavement or trail nature is bound to call.  I don't mind nature being  my potty but I do mind nature being my Charmin!

A dedicated spot in my bathroom that holds my ear warmer, body glide, head lamp, reflector light, ipod, waterproof pouch and garmin charger.

And finally, if your hair looks like this the majority of the time.  I can always get a shower after a run but the hair is often out of the question!  See, the dryer is still up.  Same dryer, different day.

And if on the way out of their house they  have one of these babies hanging around.  You know, important to hydrate!  I'm actually thinking of cheating on this one with a pack that has pockets on the front straps. I feel kind of guilty.  I mean, who does that to a faithful camelbak that has seen me through so much.  But I need more.  I just do.  I'm sorry old friend. 
And that, my friends, is a good way to walk through someone's house and know if there is marathon training going on!

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Randy Down said...

Absolutely loved the pictorial essay. The shoe display was nice. I have indoor space, too, for my new shoes before they get pavementized. Thanks for the light hearted look at a running addict's home.