Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Morning In The Life

What do you do all day?  I’ve been asked that before in a most sincere and polite way. I think people who don’t stay at home (or even those who do but who’s young are in a different life stage) are genuinely curious about my life.   So I thought’s I’d give just a quick preview of 50 minutes in the life of me!

6:30 – wake up.  Quickly peruse email to see if I have one from the husband.  Read it. Check weather app.  Try to brush my teeth and potty before any children become attached to my person
6:35 – make first attempt at waking children up
6:36 – start making lunches and start coffee
6:40 – make second attempt at waking children up
6:41 – pull out breakfast stuff
6:45 – start screaming at children that we WILL be LATE if they don’t get up NOW
6:50 – pull Ainsley’s body out of her bed, set her at table and plead with her to begin eating. 
6:52 – the next 20 minutes look something like this
Jake what else do you want to eat?
Ainsley please eat.
What do you need now Jane Dare?
Ainsley please eat.
Jake go get dressed.
Jake, get dressed
Jake stop doing that and get dressed.
Ainsley please eat.
Jake are you dressed yet?
Ainsley you are going to run out of time to eat and go to school hungry and cry.
Jake take your medicine.
Reid put Jake’s medicine back on the counter.
Jake I know your pills are “yucky” now that Reid touched them, please just take them.
Ainsley, seriously you are going to be late! Go get dressed
Jake go brush your teeth.
(finish making lunches)
AINSLEY OH MY GOSH WE ARE LEAVING IN 2 MINUTES!  What are you doing still not dressed??? What have you been doing in your room?
Jake brush your hair.
Jake get your shoes on.
Jake get your jacket on.
Jake pack your backpack.
What special is today? Do you have your library books? Where are they? I don’t know! Why don’t you know???
Ainsley please tell me you are ready. 
7:10 - Get in the car everyone.
Jane Dare you cannot decide you MUST get dressed now the minute we are walking out the door.
Reid I am not going to make you a paper airplane right now we are late.
7:13 – WE ARE LATE!  Move it, everyone in the car!
No, Yes, STOP THAT! Please buckle up, please don’t touch him, I didn’t say that, no you can’t bring that to school.  Where is your jacket?  Are your shoes in the car? Why don’t you have socks on?  You need money for what??? Why aren’t you buckled yet? No I can’t reach that I’m driving. Yes you do have to take your umbrella. No you may not take 8 stuffed animals. 
Give me a kiss, hurry now, don’t forget your backpack. I love you. Have a good day!!!

And that is only the first 50 minutes of my day.  The rest is quite similar.  I’ll spare you (for now)!

Photo credit to Pamela Wandrey

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Megan said...

Oh yes! Right on the money! Add in a special needs kid to the morning routine and Mommy is exhausted by 9 am.