Sunday, February 24, 2013

Take A Deep Breathe ... and JUMP!

I’m starting a new venture. I’m nervous, excited, hopeful, scared and motivated … all at the same time.  A few years ago I first I came into contact with Young Living essential oils through a friend who was using them to transform the way her household functioned.  She had a son experiencing some problems and in her quest to help him she decided to rid her home of as many chemicals and unnatural products as possible.  In her effort to replace those products she came across Young Living.  She quickly became a devotee and her excitement over the results they were seeing in their own home intrigued me.  I also wanted to help my own son and try to have as “green” a home as possible.  I have no idea what is going on in our world today that is being ravaged by cancer & other scary diseases but I CAN see that for too long I’ve trusted blindly the companies that make the products that I spray in my house, wipe on my furniture, slather on my children and swirl with our clothing.  I’m not a scientist – I don’t know what is causing all this cancer but I’m also not an idiot and I know that all these products we are using can’t be good for us.  In some way they have to be contributing to the problem!
So I started slow with my first essential oil purchase.  I got some lemon oil, lavender oil and a blend called Purification.  The more I used them the more intrigued I became.  I sprinkled a few drops of lemon in my grimy tub with a spritz of vinegar and a sprinkle of baking soda and presto-chango my tub was gleaming!  I rubbed purification on my babies’ bodies before we headed outside and the mosquitoes that ate us alive previously were kept at bay.  I used lavender in my wash, on boo boos, to freshen my smelly cars and in my bath to soothe aching muscles. Then I read that Sage oil could be used in place of deodorant and I was totally excited. I mean I totally have to use the clinical strength deodorant to just try to keep my sweaty pits at bay.   And you know what?  It worked!!! And so then I got some more.  And some more. And then about a year ago I realized I should go ahead and sign up as a distributor so I could purchase for myself at wholesale prices.
When my distributor package arrived I thought a bit about making the oils my business and sharing them with others.  But life got in the way and I convinced myself I didn’t have time.  And then people started asking questions as they saw me using them (or smelled me using them!).  I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm as I tried to explain the oils.  Which led to more questions.  And prodding from friends to have a party where I could share what I knew and give them an opportunity to get on my essential oil bandwagon.  Well those first proddings were last May and finally all these months later I am ready to jump in and start sharing my growing passion.
I’m nervous! I hate rejection!  I hate failing.  But you know what made me finally ready to start was getting to the place that I can view this not as a success or failure but as chance to share something that really intrigues and excites me.  Sure there is a business opportunity to it.  And sure, if that turned into something that would be cool.  But even if it doesn’t I’m ok with that.  Because I’m getting to use a product I love, that is doing amazing things in my home and for my family.  And I am doing the best I can to not keep it to myself but to share it with others!


Sarah said...

YAY!! I remember the first time I brought some over to your house and used Lavender on one of the kids (or was it Peace and Calming) because you weren't getting any sleep! :) I need to use mine more often!

Allie Osman said...

Lacey - I'm interested in the mosquito repelling one and an anti-anxiety one. Let's chat! Love, Allie

Williams Family said...

Lacey... send me a link too! ;) Either on fb message or my aol is i too want to stop with all the chemicals!!