Friday, June 6, 2008

It's 7:43 p.m.

And my house is completely quiet. This isn't utterly remarkable but I could've written this same post about 20 minutes ago and said the exact same thing and that really would be remarkable. My kids have always had pretty early bedtimes but its been quite some time since every child was sound asleep before 7:30 p.m. and for some of said children it was much, much earlier. What a fantastic start to our weekend!

Today was nuts. Many of you know that because many of you saw me because I think I was touched on most bases of my life today. It started early with Ainsley's Ms. Chrissy coming for speech therapy, then on to the MOMS club monthly meeting, then to Chick-fil-A for lunch and to fill the gap before dropping Ainsley off at a playdate with her cute little girlfriend en route to Reid's 4 month well baby appointment that ended just in time for me to leave the kids with Ry while I went to get my hair done. Just typing that run-on sentence makes me tired. My kids are major creatures of habit because, well, I force them to be. We DO NOT skip nap time. I can't understand why anyone would . . . So for them to go completely nap free today AND to have the day jammed full of activities wiped them out. They were too tired to even eat dinner. So Ainsley was in bed at 6:40, followed by Jake at 6:50 and Reid at 7:15 and I'm loving it.

Today at Reid's appointment Jake had to tell our doc as she walked into the room "Dr. R, this is my new baby Reid. He is my little baby brother". It was so cute. He was such a doting big brother today! Reid was a champ through his appointment and shots. He is 25th% for weight and 50th for height and our doc pointed out "this is great, especially for one of your kids". Um, just because Jake is wearing swim trunks that are 18-24 month size and he is getting ready to turn 4 I can't imagine what you are trying to insinuate ;)

Well, I'd love to type more but its time for my Friday night Mexican feast/date night with Ry. Ole!


Stephanie & Gabe said...

Eat cheese dip for me... lots of it.... yummy....

ckuretich said...

I'm not good on this percentile stuff - does that mean your kids are too small, or too big? :) hilarious. Trumbo kids are the best!

by the way you can totally use my kids-smartest-whatever quote. I'll be writing you back soon! :) :)

Maybe Tomorrow said...

My kids are total peanuts.