Saturday, June 14, 2008

A week in review

What else to title this post? I'm not sure. My parents were here this week and as always that was a ton of fun. The kids just adore time with "Honey and Ozzie" and I think the feeling is mutual. The more kids I have the more I appreciate the time when they are here because we can do so much more stuff then when its just me v. three . . .
So on Monday we left the kids with my mom during nap time and my dad and I headed out for pedicures. That's right, my dad and I went to get pedicures. It was so much fun to spend time with him and our toes looked fabulous.

We wore the kids out going to Go Jump (if you haven't been I highly recommend it) the swimming pool, swim lessons and just out and about for general frivolity.

The other night I was nursing Reid and Jake came running into my room from the outside where he'd been playing in the yard with his dad. Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers plucked from the yard which he proudly presents to me I was greeted with a bouquet of dried worms. Seriously. A little bundle of five dried worms that he'd gathered from the yard and wanted me to put in water (as I do with my flowers). I thanked him profusely but told him the worms didn't need any water. He thought about it and said "Mommy, finish feeding baby Reid and then we can put them in water". He was obviously not to be deterred.

The promised cowboy guns, holster and hats arrived for the preparation for Cowboy Town. Jake got all suited up and then took off his hat and in a grand gesture said "Howdy partner". Then Ryan taught him to say "stick 'em up dude" so he ran around the house after my parents cat all week saying this to the poor confused (and not altogether social) kitty cat. The guns were cap guns that scared the pooh out of Jake (although Ainsley loved them) so the caps are now safely hidden . . . well probably forever.

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ckuretich said...

ok, so wait - is your dad like, totally INTO pedicures, or did he just get one cuz' it's Father's Day??? :) that is the cutest thing ever. He's got some pretty good feet for a guy!!!