Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lacey's Favorite

Ok, so a new idea I had for my blog was to post my favorite comment or quote from the previous week. Something I might have found in a book, blog or just an email from a friend. So I begin this week with words that I've read over and over since shared with me by my friend Christin. I was sharing with her some of the thigns I worry about as a mom and how I'm trying to be real and honest with other women (especially here on this blog) about my shortcomings and even the things my kids struggle with (hello - TWO kids in speech therapy) and here was her response.

". . . everyone wants it to seem like they're just perfect and lovely and look how cute my kids are! they're so smart! the smartest kids in the world! Well barf. if everyone's kids were the smartest then no kid really WOULD be the smartest. "

THANK you Christin. One day you will make a FANTASTIC mom. I know Bodie already thinks you are.

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ckuretich said...

I love you so much!