Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm Hot

I'm hot and large and tired. There you go - that sums up the "how are you" portion of this post.
Today is the first Saturday since Ryan has been home that we haven't been packing, unpacking, frantically searching for housing, moving in to found housing or traveling. July is just like a big huge blur, in fact. But this weekend not only did we make minimal plans but Ryan also had a DONSA so we got to enjoy starting our weekend a day early. So far its been great. We both got quite a few things done yesterday, today has continued to be productive, and we have a great party to look forward to tonight with fun people and good food (if we can survive this heat). Last night we got to have Troy and her kiddos over and there are few things that we enjoy more. Its such a wonderful time even amongst the screaming (mostly the kids) and general chaos of 7 kids vs. 3 adults.
My project for this weekend has been to tackle my van. I was motivated by the aforementioned Troy and some not so subtle comments from my parents :) I think its also a form of nesting in preparation for the new baby. Since we are in a rental that I don't like too much and have no intention of decorating I have to find new outlets for this stage of pregnancy. I think its a good thing because my van is a worthy project. I pulled out all the car seats and they are being scrubbed down and the covers washed. I scrubbed and vacuumed and rubbed and polish the interior. I washed and buffed the exterior. Now I just need to shampoo the interior rugs and order some new protective mats that I feel sure will do wonders for my sanity. And we are finally getting a couple of dents on the hood fixed this week SO my ride will feel brand new. Oh what a feeling :)
And finally I've been feeling kind of down just because I'm so not prepared for this baby. There are lots of things left to buy (contrary to popular belief you do not "have it all" by the 4th baby). Rather you have tons of worn out, over-used things that need to be replaced. I need to clean out the car seat and put new batteries in the bouncy chair and have at least a few special things that are just for her. All of this has fallen by the wayside in light of my other daily tasks. But then my dear Troy (I should have just titled this post "Have I Mentioned My Friend Troy?" informed me that she was throwing me a Pink Party & Baby Shower. Because in her opinion (and I couldn't agree more) EVERY baby is special and should be celebrated, whether it be number 1 or number 8. Who am I to argue with such wisdom. The thought of gathering with friends to celebrate this babies arrival has just done wonders for my spirit. I'm so excited for it and even got to put together a couple little registries. Nothing too big but just some of the basics I could use. What I really love about the registry is that even if I'm the only person to use it, its a very helpful list to help me keep my thoughts straight on what is left to do and get before Jane Dare comes into this world! Plus I got coupons :)
OK, my wonderful hubby is back from his trek to the trampoline with my kids. I love him so and I'd better sign off.


David and Red said...

Glad ya'll are enjoying some family time, and I can't wait to see pics of the sparkly clean van. I'll send some pics of my drool when I look at them. :)

Oh and Yeah for baby celebrations and of course coupons!

Steph and Gabe said...

I love this post. I loved seeing you today. AND I'm loving that we get to celebrate Jane Dare's upcoming arrival soon. You're such a great mom Lacey and I can't wait to see you with #4.