Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Pink Party

On Sunday afternoon I had one of the best few hours ever. I was surrounded by women who love me and support me in this life of motherhood to celebrate the coming arrival of Jane Dare and to be showered with wonderful gifts. Words can not begin to express how overwhelmed I was by all these women I am blessed enough to know and love. I know these days baby showers are a dime a dozen but I realized on Sunday how wonderful it is to celebrate EVERY baby and to never underestimate what it means to the mom-to-be to have the event celebrated. Its easy for me to get "too busy" to attend or honor these events but after the feelings I had on Sunday I will always remember . . . and try to do MY best to remember what it meant to me and what it might mean for this expectant mother.
As you can see from the pictures Troy went all out in making a truly beautiful shower for me. It was all pink and brown which I just adore and the theme was around a momma bird preparing her nest for a new baby. So the (GORGEOUS!!!) invitations, decor, petit four cakes and even the cookies all matched that theme. The food was delicious - I skipped lunch to ensure I would be hungry enough and it worked! When I'm nursing I can't eat dairy because it causes very unhappy babies so this shower's menu centered around all things cheese! It was a dream come true for this cheese lover.
And, of course, I left with so many wonderful things to welcome my new love bug. I came home and spent the evening putting away all sorts of special things I'd received including the most beautiful handmade diaper bag that my mom created for Jane Dare - I LOVE it.
To top it all of my dear friend Redonna drove all the way up to celebrate with us. Truly - it could not have been a better day.
Thank you to all the woman who showered me with love - most especially to Troy whose friendship I value more than words can express!

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David and Red said...

It was such a wonderful afternoon and Troy did such a great job putting it together and making it beautiful. I'm so glad I could be there to celebrate you and sweet Jane Dare!

BTW - I just listened to Bella's Lullaby on your blog...I must see the movie now, loved it!