Friday, August 21, 2009

My Husband is Awesome

My husband is awesome. In fact, he is the best husband in the whole wide world. No other husband is as good. So there - I said it - watcha gonna do about it? Now, I hope that every married woman who reads this will vehemently disagree with me because I wish nothing but wonderful, happy marriages for all the couples I know - but don't post about your wonderful husband on my comments. Start your own blog and write it there, kay?
What has brought out all of these gooshy feelings for my other half? Well, its just little things that he does that reminds me how blessed I am to have him. One of those things is shopping for clothes for our kids. He loves to do this and he will go out all on his own and shop for them and bring home the most wonderful finds. Its not the stuff factor really that makes me love him - its that he gets as much joy out of doing things for our kids as I do - he is an amazing father - and this just illustrates that.
Last weekend Jake and he headed to the GAP because we'd both read about their new line of 1969 jeans that are supposed to be GAP's answer to Sevens, Joe's etc. In fact, Ryan told me more about how they hired away designers from these top labels, etc, and started fresh to make this new GAP brand. AND then we found out they were on sale for $20 off - so he simply had to go and get some jeans that would make his butt look even more fabulous (my words, not his). When he and Jake returned home a few hours later their shopping bag held 2 pairs of jeans for Ryan and a whole bunch of other stuff for our kids. I got to sit on the bed and watch excitedly as he showed off all his finds! And he got the most adorable stuff. I tried to put pictures in but it was too much trouble so if you are curious here are just a couple of examples! - for Ainsley - for Jane Dare - for Reid - for Jake
What a guy!


David and Red said...

Well maybe I WILL post a "how awesome is my husband" post on my blog, (picture me sticking my tongue out at you :) but I will definitely say that Ryan is the BEST too. I love him dearly and am so glad he's back home with you guys!! And what cute clothes, I loved them all. :)

Leslie Pigg said...

That is the cutest story! I love how he loves to shop!! I have also wondered about that new line of jeans so I was glad to get your referral. Hope you are feeling well today and know how I much I hated missing the pink party. I have Jane Dare's gift and once I locate my post office, I will send it her (your) way! Love you!