Friday, August 1, 2008

Lacey's Favorite #3

So, its been a long time since I've done one of these. Nothing has really struck me. Until now. And this one is going to get me in trouble, I can guarantee it. But I can't stop myself! This article so perfectly articulates what I've felt deep in my heart for a long time. And to quote the author "I also worry about writing this because some of my best friends—and their sweet, innocent children—wear them." But like I said, I can't stop myself so here it goes:

Make. It. Stop
The case for ending our long national nightmare.


David and Red said...

OMG - this is fantastic! Our hearts align on so many wonder we're friends! =0)

ckuretich said...

was just going to say virtually the same thing david & red said up there - you are a girl after my own heart, thank God. Crocs are the devil!

David and Red said...

Christin - I think you and I would get along just swimmingly....after all we both have great taste in friends (love you Lace!) and hate crocs. What more does a friendship need? =0)