Thursday, August 14, 2008


OK, so this is a post for you moms out there. Lately I'm sure you've heard the buzz about Bisphnol A (BPA) and its potentially harmful affects on all people but most potentially babies. If you haven't here is a little info from Wikipedia to get you up to speed.

There are seven classes of plastics used in packaging applications. Type 7 is the catch-all "other" class, and some type 7 plastics, such as polycarbonate (sometimes identified with the letters "PC" near the recycling symbol) and epoxy resins, are made from bisphenol A monomer.[4] When such plastics are exposed to hot liquids, bisphenol A leaches out 55 times faster than it does under normal conditions, at up to 32 ng/hour.[73] Type 3 (PVC) can also contain bisphenol A as antioxidant in plasticizers.[4] Types 1 (PET), 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE), 5 (polypropylene), and 6 (polystyrene) do not use bisphenol A during polymerization or package forming,[74] and thus will not leach bisphenol A into food or beverages.

So, being the good mom that I am (ha ha) when I did some research on this I felt it was important to switch all of Reid's bottles to glass bottles and get some new sippy cups for Ainsley from Born Free. This is not a health risk I wanted to take with my kids, especially since its fairly easy to avoid. I try not to think about how much Jake and Ainsley were exposed to this before we knew about it but thankfully they were both breastfed so their exposure during their first year of life was limited.

Now that Reid is eating baby food I've been buying Gerber organics for him. Again, I'm not an organic freak but I just wanted to give him the very best food possible. So, I'm sitting here at the computer and there is an empty container from his baby food here and I look down at the bottom and what do I see but the Type 7 sign on it to let me know there is the possibility of BPA in this plastic. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so mad I want to type out what I really mean when I say that but I won't. What is Gerber doing putting its organic BABY food in dangerous containers. Containers that I HEAT which causes even more BPA to potentially leach into his food.

So now, I'm pissed. You really can't trust anyone these days. And its sad. Rant over.


ckuretich said...

unbelievable!!! I hate the world today.

luckily you are a good, sharp mom who's paying attention. thank goodness you caught it right away! this is ridiculous.

David and Red said...

Want me to kick some Gerber ass? I will, you just say the word. That's ridiculous.

I guess Sheryl Crow was right when she warned us about the potential hazards and cancer causing agents associated with heated plastic and told us not to leave our water bottles in the car - good grief!

rich said...

Hmmm. Interesting and very scary. Shocking that the FDA states its safe. Who do we believe these days?!
Check out the article titled FDA: Controversial chemical in plastics is safe on posted today- 17 Aug.

Amber said...

Did I ever tell you...I like it when your mad;)

Jennifer Kirby said...

Hey Lacey ... I'm not sure how I wound up in the middle of your 2009 archives. The BPA stuff is crazy. I brushed it off for a while as something people were overreacting about until a really eye-opening segment on NPR caught my attention. Now I check all plastic food containers against this: "4,5,1 and 2 ... all the rest are bad for you."