Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Let me start out by saying I'm in a weird place right now - mentally that is. See, its naptime here at our house and that is a sacred time. But the UPS man just pulled up in front of my house and rang the doorbell and now Reid is crying. I'm emotionally flummoxed - one of my favorite people to see (UPS guy) ruins one of my favorite parts of the day (naptime). I think the deciding factor here has to be what it was being delivered . . . and it looks like it was a Creative Memories scrapbook I ordered for MOMS Club. I've deliberated and decided that this delivery was most certainly NOT worth the screw up in naptime. So now I'm angry at UPS man and its not a good feeling.

It was a really fun weekend. Friday we were treated to a fabulous dinner with some really special friends! They made us feel like royalty with steaks and other delicious items. Most importantly the beer was cold and flowing and as long as the right person poured the foam was manageable (wink, wink).

Saturday was mostly spent counting down until our babysitter would arrive. Finally the time came and we gave some hurried instructions (like - don't call us unless there is blood and a tourniquet won't stop the bleeding) and headed out for a real, live, actual, authentic party. There were no children, no bouncy houses, no water play and at the end of the evening no herding exhausted, stained, sobbing kiddos into car seats. We went to a luau and it was just a heavenly evening of good food, a fun theme and great friends.

Last night we wanted to keep the fun alive so we invited some friends over to cookout. What made it a particularly sweet time was that these particular friends are expecting the arrival of their firstborn child in the very near future and this was the last time we'll spend together before their world was rocked by parenthood. And it will be. Rocked that is.

So that is it. Reid seems to have fallen back asleep. When it comes to naps I am THE hammer.


ckuretich said...

oh how i love you. great post. great weekend, glad you got some adult time. and most importantly - SOME BEER!!!!!

Michelle said...

you're such a good writer. so many times I find myself nodding in agreement or busting out laughing when i read your blog. keep it coming, girl.