Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Jump Zone - Danadanadadana

That was supposed to be like the music that goes with The Twilight Zone but I have no idea how you would type that. Anyway, this morning I was looking for something to do with the kids and my friend Kristen and I decided to head over and check out the new inflatable jump warehouse here in Clarksville. This thing has been highly anticipated for over a year now and today was opening day so we thought we'd check it out. Now before I get ahead of myself let me talk a bit about Go Jump. Same idea, also located nearby (but not technically in C-ville) great experience every time I've been there. They have great pricing, very friendly and laid back staff, free popcorn for the kids, a variety of jumping levels, etc. I've said that I would probably remain loyal to Go Jump even after Jump Zone opened because we've had such good experiences there.

Well, what do I do on the first day that Jump Zone is open but jump ship from the Go Jump loyalty cruise and drag my brood immediately over to the new guy in town. So, I probably on some level deserved every ounce of badness that happened today. And it was bad. I do not like Jump Zone. I do not like it on a boat, I do not like it with a goat, I will not go there on a train I will not go there in the rain. Am I clear on that?

We walked in and its VERY impressive. Six enormous inflatables most with different themes (Disney Princess, Pirate ship attacked by Giant Squid, Superman, Train). The kids were dying to get started. I've got all three of them with me and just getting there was QUITE the workout. I had to fill out the release form and then go to pay and the guy says "That'll be $15.33". What? Surely I didn't hear you right. No, I did hear him right - these guys must not know they are located in an Army town with a median income of squat. So I dig through my wallet and pull out my credit card and am informed they only take cash. OK - strike two. I did actually have $15 on me so we were safe. The kids start to play and are having fun when after 10 minutes the little referee comes over to tell me my kids need socks (I had on socks but they didn't - they can't get enough traction to climb with them). Well, I didn't bring socks which I tell him. He tells me they can't jump without them. I tell him that he can go tell his managers and have them come throw me out. Sure enough, two minutes later here comes the manager to tell me my kids have to leave because they don't have socks. Are you kidding me?!?! I start to sweat with anger and frustration. He then makes sure to tell me that he informed me we needed socks as we came in. WHAT?!? No, you did not, DUDE. Do you think I would have ignored that little tidbit of information because I relished the idea of dragging my screaming children out of a inflatable wonderland less than 10 minutes after we arrived? But they sell socks he tells me. Well, too bad because I just forked over my last $15 to get in this place and you don't take credit cards. So, I have to get my kids who are all screaming and crying and drag them out to the car. I'm crying now. And so is Kristen's daughter Avery. I was so angry and I didn't know what to do. Well, I calmed down and as much as it KILLED me asked Kristen to borrow money so I could buy socks. I wanted to give this place more money like I want a whole in my head but I couldn't stand to do this to the kids and so back in we went with my tail firmly tucked between my legs. Thank goodness Kristen went up to the counter and bought the socks for me because I couldn't bear making eye contact let alone speaking with these people any more. The rest of the morning was mostly without incident although it took the kids a good 15 minutes to calm down and enjoy themselves after being dragged in, and out, and back into the Jump Zone.

So, that was my (very long explanation of the) Jump Zone experience. I don't think we'll be returning. Instead I'll be heading down 41-A to good old Go Jump . . . and taking as many Clarksville moms and kids with me as I can!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the report. I was thinking of having Parker's party there...now maybe not. Maybe we'll head to Go Jump instead.

Stephanie & Gabe said...

Thank you so much for this. I will note this blog in highlighted exes as we plan the upcoming calendars...

Amber said...

I'm sending you socks...2 packs for 1 at Walmart:P hee

Kendall said...

I'm sorry your first experience at my Jump!Zone was a disappointment. You visited us on our second day open, and I was still fine tuning my employee's training. If I remember right, the manager even gave you the money to cover the tax.

We must enforce the sock rule for health and sanitary purposes. The requirement is clearly printed on the waiver.

Since your visit, our phone lines have been installed, so our credit card machine works. I have installed free Wi-Fi. We installed a TV for dads to watch "the game" on Sundays. I have, also, instituted a 5% Military Discount on Open!Play Admission and parties.

I hope to see you again. There are three Open!Play passes waiting for you at my front counter.

Owner, Jump!Zone Clarksville
Former Corporal, USMC
Former Sergeant, US Army