Thursday, July 3, 2008


OK, so of all the new abbreviations out there lately "vacay" is for sure one of my favorites. It just makes going out of town seem so much more exciting when you can say "I'm taking a little vacay with the fam" . . . rather that "we are driving 8 hours to Ohio to see my in-laws". N'est pas?

So today I am taking the kids to meet Ryan on post for his company picnic and then we are heading out to drive to Columbus. We haven't been to visit his family in well over a year. Are we horrible or what? I keep telling him we need to visit more because I want my boys to grow up with that example (i.e. that you are SUPPOSED to go and visit your mama early and often). And as far as Army posts go we probably won't be moving much closer than we are now so we shouldn't wait too long.

The amount of planning it takes to pack for four people is crazy (yes, just four, Ryan is on his own). I pulled a Troy this time though and got all the clothes washed, laid out, arranged by outfit and put in suitcases two days ago. If you have met my dear friend Troy you'll know this is very much something I stole from her. If you haven't then just you wait, she was recently named Most Likely to Be A Superhero by our local chapter of MOMS Club. . . you can imagine what a superhero packing for a trip would look like.

Well, off to finish it all up . . . wish me luck :)


Amber said...

Good luck with all of that!!! WOW. eight hours, three are MY superhero!!

Anonymous said...

Not such a superhero this trip. We leave on Thursday . . . not one lick of clothing packed yet. Troy says "Maybe tomorrow"!