Monday, April 27, 2009

My Escape Artists

There is no longer any peace in my home because my children are clearly developing their skills as escape artists in the circus. Seriously. In the past 10 days there have been more instances that I can even remember of them turning up in places they should not be. I'll give you the four most vivid examples:
1- I was washing dishes one evening while the kids were playing. They were playing in the foyer and then moved into the front guest room. It was a beautiful evening out so I had the front door open but the storm door closed and locked. I had the water on so I couldn't hear everything but knew where they were (or so I thought) so I didn't worry. About 5 minutes later I shut the water off and turned around to find them and see Reid climbing his way down the front steps . . . and his brother and sister no where to be found. So I run outside and run to the house they usually escape to but there is no sign of them. I run around my house to the other side but no kids. My neighbor across the street is out on his front porch watching so I'm trying to look like I'm in control so he won't think I'm a total idiot. Just as I'm going back inside to look for them there my new next door neighbor runs up to tell me the kids have taken off for a run around the block. He came to tell me while his "roommate" went to follow them. I freak out and take off running just as I realize Reid is still on the front steps. Thankfully my other neighbor who was watching these shenanigans comes running for Reid and motions me on. I find my two runaways THREE QUARTERS of their way around the block. Neither with shoes on and Ainsley in her pajamas. Oh I was so mad and upset and scared. After the punishment they received I thought it would never happen again. Ha. Ha. Ha.
2- Last Friday morning Jake was sleeping down in the guest room and slept in pretty late. I was in my room with Ainsley and Reid getting ready and I heard a bedroom door close. So I went to find Jake and let him know where we were but his door was closed so I decided to he'd just gotten up to go to the bathroom and gone back to bed or something. Before I head back to my room I wanted to run get the paper so I open the front door and storm door to find JAKE bare-butt standing on our front sidewalk taking his morning bathroom break. He shut all the doors behind him as to avoid detection. I had no idea he was out there. But my neighbors sure did - I ran into her at Walmart later that day and she was still laughing.
3 - Friday night was a rough night with Reid running a temp, etc. so I was up with him a few times and exhausted. I was awoken at 3:30 a.m. by a strange rustling overhead and prayed it was just Ainsley going to the bathroom. but the noises were weird and kept going so I had to get up to investigate. I came upstairs to find the bonus room light on but no Jake. Then I realized the closet light was on but didn't see him in the closet but heard more noises. So I went THROUGH our closet to the door that leads to the attic and lo and behold there he was. At 3:30 in the morning. Trying to find his blue car. At least that was his story. I never found out anymore and I'm still wondering if he was sleep walking. Needless to say the door to the attic is now locked.
4- During naptime today I put Jake in the guest room and went to my room to work on a project. About 20 minutes later I came out to get something and heard more weird noises. Huh, what could that be. I look out the front window and there is Jake trying to scale the window. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had all the doors locked and the extra slide lock on so there was no way he could get out. But what I had never thought of was the possibility of him kicking the window screen out of the guest room window and climbing out the window. I can only imagine how long he was out there.
So, there you have it. If you feel the need to call Child Protective Services PLEASE be my guest!


Steph and Gabe said...

Those Trumbos are one of a kind!LOL! I must admit story #2 cracked me up the most!

David and Red said...

Oh my gosh!!! Those little stinkers! I can't believe them, but at least no one can say they are without ingenuity!! The peeing on the lawn was by far the best one, I can totally see it and at least your neighbor has a good sense of humor. ;0) I love you babe - I'll be praying for you as you make it through the next few months with these little sneaks. ;0)

Sarah said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! If you weren't moving I'd tell you to get ADT and set the door and window alarm to beep every time they open. Obnoxious, but in this case needed! Next house perhaps???