Monday, April 13, 2009


This post is a little overdue since Easter was yesterday . . . I guess if it was an overview of our Easter it wouldn't really be overdue but since it isn't, it is. Ha - try to make sense of that one. I have a good excuse though for this being late. 1 - my parents were here for a great week and I hated to spend time on the computer when I had great adult company . 2 - I got sick as a dog on Wed/Thurs - ya know, puking and all. It was great. 3 - Ainsley got her hands on the computer last week and pulled the space bar off and while I've fixed it to the best of my abilities its still really annoying and typing just isn't much fun when you have to backspace every third word to take out extra spaces. Thanks Ains.

So, Easter. Its a wonderful time of celebration in the world of believers. Its really THE most important time as we reflect on our sin and the price Christ paid on the cross to wipe us clean of sin so that we could know the Father God. None of the gripes that are about to follow are in the least meant to detract from the true meaning of Easter. Hmmm, maybe if I'd actually been in the Easter service yesterday rather than serving in the toddler nursery I'd feel less like griping but since that WASN'T the case here goes my complaining (whew, I was worried I wasn't going to be able to work my personal pity party into this post). My gripe is about Easter clothing. Its a nasty scam. I mean, here we are pressure to put our little girls in little frilly dresses so we run out and buy these adorable frocks and sandals and then 5 days before when we check the weather and realize its going to be 30 degrees on Easter morning we go into a panic. Then we are on the hunt for a matching cardigan, tights, shoes instead of sandals . . . and we have to pay top dollar for them all because we already have the dress and heavens knows we can't change that. So Easter morning dawns cold as all get-out and we pile on the layers and finally top it all off with a dress meant to be warn on an 80 degree day. Its maddening I tell you. The one good thing is as the mom of two boys I have it easy there. I mean - at least Jake isn't sweating his head off in his undershirt, long sleeve button up and sweater vest! Actually, follow me on a short rabbit trail. A few years ago we were in Charlotte for Easter and it was blazing hot. Seriously, the only Easter I have any memory of it even being warm, let alone hot. So, I have Jake in white twill pants, a long sleeve white button up shirt and a seersucker blazer and he was burning up! Poor kid - I still look at those pics and laugh at his poor little red cheeks.
Now, on to adult women and our Easter apparel expectations . . . Has anyone examined the Belk or Dillards Easter ads lately? Do you see the clothing they have these women in? Its the same crap they wanted our moms to wear in the 80's. Why on earth does the celebration of Christ's Resurrection mean I have to dress up in some hideous pastel Easter outfit? I'm sorry but I just refuse. I mean its frightening, really.
And I think I could go on with other topics - such as the requirement for an Easter dinner of foods I don't particularly enjoy - but if I wait to get time to get that all out this post will never happen. And its late enough already!


David and Red said...

LOL - I love you Lace. This is so hysterical. Thankfully, I don't give into the pressure of new Easter digs and haven't since I got married and started shopping for myself (it was my mom who required the new pastel hideousness of a dress, not me!) I wore black pants and a gray top to church and felt good. ;)

So glad you're feeling better and that you had fun with your folks!

Amber J said...

haha - you write this..I can actually "hear" you an the voice you would use as you spout off!
Im with you..esp. in NY...I don't know if we have EVER had a warm Easter to go with the frilly yup..with two boys..its a lil easier :)