Monday, February 2, 2009

My sweet Baby Reid

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Baby Reid

Happy Birthday To You

This post might be a little late but its not a reflection of how excited I am for this opportunity to brag on my sweet baby boy on his birthday. Its a reflection of our rapidly deteriorating computer situation.

Last Thursday my beautiful boy turned one. What a joyous day to celebrate a year of knowing and loving this little boy. And to remember the beauty of a year ago where I had the most beautiful birth experience surrounded by my newly returned husband, my mom, and a dear friend who came to take care of me. It was truly one of the most magical days of my life. And this boy has brought so much magic into our home so its only fitting.

Here are some of my favorite things about my Reid:

- His smile. Its always ready and it will just warm you from head to toe.

- His voice. He is my little talker and although most of what he says is just babbling he says it with such feeling . . . he's going to have lots to say one day.

- His hugs. My boy gives real, honest to goodness hugs. He throws one arm around your neck and lays his head down on your shoulder and just loves.

- The way he lights up when he sees me. The best feeling in the world.

- The way Jake and Ainsley make him laugh. He just rolls with laughter when they are doing something silly.

- The way he is so busy. He's always got a mission.

- He is so ticklish. If you tickle under his arms he absolutely squeals with laughter until he is out of breath.

- He smells SO sweet. I could sniff his pumpkin head right off.

- The way he just relaxes into me completely when I nursed (or now bottle feed) him. Its wonderful.

- The way he loves to smile and flirt with other people and then burrow into my shoulder and hide when they smile back.

- How he loves to eat cheerios and popcorn out of Ryan's mouth (well, lips I guess). Its hilarious. The more he wants it the more aggressively comes in for the kill.

- I love that everyone that sees his face can't help but smile.


Sarah said...

He lights up a room! He is truly precious!

Amber J said...

Awww. What a great post Lace...makes me want to squeeze him... :)

David and Red said...

I love all of that too, he is such a sweetie and he ALWAYS makes me smile!!