Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A little rant a little rave

When I say rave I mean it in the positive sense so I'll start there. I just got an email that THESE are finally on the way to my home.

Well, obviously not all of them but the pewter pair in the bottom left. I ordered them forever ago and they were backordered but its ok because I got them for a STEAL and I've been in love with them my whole life. Ok, not really. But as long as a I've known a certain friend (ahem) who turned me on to Garnet Hill and many other wonderful delights that grace my mailbox. Who knew how wonderful catalogs could be? And, of course, the thrill when Mr. UPS man delivers them. Gives me shivers.

A little rant because our computers are all dying on us and its ugly. I hate when technology goes bad. Its just SO much work to change over to new computers and while some find that kind of work rewarding I do NOT. I find it annoying and consuming of time I'd rather spend doing something else. I am so over PC's. Our next computer is going to be a Mac and I'm excited to give it a try. I'm praying it doesn't let me down.

Little more rave. Ainsley had her parent teacher conference today and she is pretty much the only kid who can do all her colors and shapes. I am so proud. After constantly being the parent of the kids who are behind its so nice to finally have a great report. Its mostly due to speech therapy that she is such a superstar on it so I can't take credit but still . . . the kid knew "rectangle" when she was 2 and darnit that makes me proud. I won't go into some of the other parts of the conference, ahem. Let's just say NONE of it was a surprise :) I was telling Ryan about it and he said he was pretty sure she was the only kid in the 2's class who could completely decleet (its a soccer term, think about it and you'll get it) someone twice her size with her two armed shove. I haven't had Jake's conference yet but his teacher told me I was going to be "very happy" the day she did his testing!

Little more rant. The Army opens early, right? I mean - formation is at o' dark hundred and the day just runs on from there. It opens early and then it ends a little early (usually). So WHY do the clinics at the hospital there not start answering their phones until 8:30? I don't get it! Its called Blanchfield ARMY Community Hospital, right? I don't care when they go home I just want their butts in gear when I want them in gear. But don't take this rant as a rant against Army medicine in general because I could go on a rant against THAT on its own. I'm proud that my husband is part of the Army medical community. I'm proud of my many friends who are also medical providers in the Army. They are wonderful providers and wonderful people and my negative experiences are so few and far between I don't even remember them because there are SO many good experiences. So when people just dismiss Army medicine on principle or make a snooty comment about how they "go off-post" with disdain in their voice it makes my blood boil.

OK, I guess I need to end with another rave so I don't seem like a bitter, ugly woman. Hmmm, thinking, thinking. I just ate buttered noodles and they were good. That was weak. Oh well.


Kacy said...

Wow...are we living the same life? I bought two computers yesterday (yes, two) and attempted to get an appointment at BACH that I had to schedule only because at my last appt they couldn't see the schedule 4 weeks out. Seriously? My husband seems to always know when he's in clinic so why can't they schedule my 28 wk appt at 24 weeks? Okay, my little rant is done. Sorry to use your blog space to get that out.

By the way, props to Ainsley. That girl is a force.

David and Red said...

So glad that Mr UPS is coming and the kids are doing so well. Not that I'm surprised on either account, but it's good to read about anyway. =)

Natalie said...

I cant believe everyones computer has being so messed up, we got ours fixed but its still soooo slowbut i also have been wanting a MAC so soon i will be ready to change. And thanks Lacey, i was finnally able to convince Jesse that a 13g I pod touch was perfect for me. HA and as for BACH i think its amazing ive always had amazing experiences and if you want something all you gotta do is ask most people dont, every post ive been at has been great, and im seeing a sports medicine therapist for an injury and they are being so delicate with me and gace me a friendly dose of but they are following threw and thats just great. Im with you sister! GOod job on Ainsley shes such a character.

Steph and Gabe said...

Go Ainsley! Go Ainsley! Go-go Go Ainsley!

I love the kicks!

Dr's offices of all shapes, sizes, colors and locations are inconvenient in ther timing. Why is that?

Amber J said...

Decleet - haha - awesome! Make me laugh! ;) and i agree with your friend Steph..Dr.offices are ALWAYS they not know how to bend to very whim of our busy lives!!!