Monday, December 1, 2008

And now a plea from Baby Reid

Dear Readers of my Mommy's Blog -

If I am lost please know that I won't be found. Because my mommy has eaten me up. She says I'm too delicous to resist. And she is always nibbling on me.

Please. Help.

Oh, and did she mention I'm WALKING!


Anonymous said...


David and Red said...

Oh my gosh - I love these pictures! And I can't believe he's walking...such a big boy! =0)

Natalie said...

WOW ! so cute I cant believe he is walking, he reminds me of Michelle's little girls Saedi, they are both so advanced, Meadow has too much junk in her trunk to move around.

Amanda said...

WALKING say it isn't so! He looks pretty happy doing it too. Now you have 3 that you have to chase down. I don't think you'll need to run anymore. lol

Anonymous said...

Okay, it has only been 1 WEEK since I have talked to you (b/c you can't talk) and what the heck is going on at your house? Walking? Decorating? Okay, enough sniveling, we are getting together even if you have to be narcotized. I miss you and the kids. We are guest free as of tomorrow so watch out b/c we may just pop over!