Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Cheer . . . sort of.

First off, let me assure you all that I am alive. Having your tonsils out sucks. It hurts a lot. You feel like crap. I don't like it. But I'm alive. Anyway.
Today as I teetered on a rickety ladder in my dansko clogs (praying that I wouldn't fall) hanging garland around my front door I heard wailing emanating from my living room. Jake's wailing to be precise. You see we got our Christmas tree and as we decorated it we also set up the train we got at Disney World to go around the tree. Jake has been asking about this train since we got home from our trip and today was the day of its debut. Well, when I climbed down from my precarious position to find out what Jake was yelling about I found my three boys in the living room. Ryan was consoling Jake while Reid did what little brothers do best . . . mess stuff up. See, my inclination would have been to scold Jake for having such a fit but that's probably because I was never the bigger sibling. Ryan was. I don't know what its like for a little brother (or sister) to mess up my stuff. Ryan does. So Jake had the right parent in there with him when Reid messed with his newest most prized possession. On a side note: I DO know what its like to have someone twice your size sit on your face and fart on it (or toot, as I'm trying to get my kids to say so people won't think I'm a horrible Christian mother - ha!).
So our festivities hit a bit of a bump today with the whole Reid messing with the train debacle but other than that it was a good day. I love this time of year. My house has never looked more festive. I even got a fresh white pine garland for my banister - LOVE it! And of course doing the whole tree thing WITH Ryan this year was so great.
Sweet mercy I just sneezed and now I'm going to cry. OK, I think its time for another round of Codeine. G'night!


David and Red said...

Ah, I'm so glad that you are doing "well"...I wanted to call and check on you but I figured a phone conversation was the last of your priorities.

I hope that Jake will make it through as I'm sure that beloved train will get messed up over and over again. It is hard to be the big brother. I was the oldest and can relate, but unfortunately I can also relate to having my head sat & farted of both worlds?

So glad that you can celebrate Christmas with Ryan by your side - enjoy every moment! Oh and pictures please. =0)

Steph and Gabe said...

I cannot wait to see how beautiful it all looks. I'm putting Gabe to work hanging stuff tomorrow after work. He just doesn't know it yet.

ramblings said...

Lace- you always make me laugh! Even if your discomfort...I miss you lots!!! We just got through Andrew's birthday and now I feel I can focus on Christmas...wait...oh wait....almost another birthday;)