Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Have A Tonsillectomy

As I improve my sense of humor is coming back as well. So I've decided to put together a little list of the top 10 reasons to have your tonsils out:

1- All the JELLO you can eat . . . yumm-o!
2 - Find out how you would talk if you were deaf (if you haven't heard me talk in the past couple weeks you just have to trust me on this one)
3 - Give your underutilized liver a workout as you overdose on controlled substances - PAIN management.
4 - Holiday weight gain? Nope, not here.
5 - Get on a first name basis with the guy who dishes out the egg drop soup at China King.
6 - Make extra Christmas cash selling your left over Oxycontin to the kids at the local high school.
7 - Relive the pain of childbirth. But worse.
8 - Make a top ten list with only eight things on it but nobody can say anything because you are so pitiful.

1 comment:

ckuretich said...

I am ROLLING!!!!! poor LACEY! If you weren't so hilarious I'd have to show you some pity, but you're distracting my pity-showing by being so funny. I love the egg drop soup benefit, as well as "make a top 10 list with only 8 things on it" AHH!!!! poor sugar.