Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Ainsley

I need to put together a photo montage for Ainsley for two reasons. 1: She is so darn adorable it'd be a crime not to and 2: Her birthday is in December so she always gets the shaft in some ways that are just unavoidable.

But in the meantime I've decided to put together a little list of some of my favorite Ainsley moments from this past year.

1- Ainsley coming in BUCK naked from the backyard where she was playing with Jake. Despite the 40 degree weather. I asked Jake why Ainsley took her clothes off and he explained it was because she was trying to go swimming. Oh, and he clarified that it was also because she was having fun.
2 - During her school program in May Ainsley tried to crawl underneath the communion table up on stage. Her teacher pulled her back to say no and Ainsley slapped her across the face. Then she gave her a kiss. All within a 5 second timespan and all DURING the show.
3 - Ainsley was running around after her bath up in Ohio and cousin Reese said "Nonny, Ainsley is SO rowdy". He doesn't know the half of it.
4- Ainsley asking herself if she is ok whenever she falls down.
5 - Ainsley answering us as a baby jaguar (rrrreearhhh, rrreearhhh) whenever we ask if she is okay when she falls down (its a Diego thing).
6 - Ainsley asking me if "Ms. Chrichy (Chrissie) is coming today?" everytime I hang up from a call on my cell phone. I guess I talked to Chrissie once on my cell phone so now every call is her.
7 - Ainsley as Jake's personal parrot.
8 - Ainsley crying for Jake to sit in the wagon with her, or go to sleep with her or do whatever it is that she needs his comfort and protection.
9 - Ainsley being the most theatrical little pixie fairy I could ever have imagined!
10 - Ainsley covering herself head to toe in peanut butter after her tubes were put in.
11 - Singing, singing always singing.
12- Ainsley wandering around in her snow boots with her panties and tights around her knees - for at least an hour - before she would let me pull them up.

You are TRULY one in a million little girl!


David and Red said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Ainsley. I hope she had a fantastic party - can't wait to see the montage. =0)

Amber J said...

awww - well, it's good you have had nothing to do for the past couple of weeks.
I hope you recover! You make me tired just reading it all;)
I miss you though ... lots and lots...are you telling me that NY wasn't on your way to see jared and chyloe? hmmm....darn.
haha...well maybe God will bless us soon with a way to see each other:) Us 30-year-olds need to stick together;)