Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Rambling

I am totally stealing the word rambling from my fav roommate of all time's blog. She'll forgive me because she loves me like that. She also forgives when in my comments on her blog I correct her grammar. Why on earth would I be jackass enough to do that I don't know but I do. And she loves me anyway. Heaven help me if someone were to whip out English 101 on this bad boy. I never proofread and that always gets me in trouble. Amber - I love you! I read a piece of flair the other day that said "God made us friends because no parents could handle us as sisters" or something along those lines and I thought of you. I thought of a few of you other girls too so nobody go get your panties in a wad but Amber has not so subtly hinted that my blog should have more to do with her and so this was it.

Randomness #1 - Hot and Ready Pizza from Little Caesars.
Never something that has played a big role in my life until today . . . and it was a lifesaver. I seriously wanted to hug the girl at the drive thru. I'm chugging home from a late appointment stressed about feeding the kids dinner and getting bedtimes moving when I drive past a crazy guy waving a sign in front of Little Caesars. In about 2 seconds I made the decision to whip into the parking lot. I drive up (no line) ask for my pepperoni pizza, for over $5.48 and the pizza is immediately handed out to me and off I go. Seriously from the time I saw the sign until I was on the road again was less than 2 minutes. Throw some applesauce into bowls once we get home and voila - dinner is served. It was fantastic. It was cheap. It was EASY.

Randomness #2 - Snow Cream "Frozen Dairy Dessert" from Purity.
Yum. Let me say it again, YUM. Its supposed to be reminiscent of when you'd take freshly fallen snow as a good and add vanilla and sugar and milk . . . and it is every bit as yummy as you could imagine. I can't stop eating it. Even though the scale says I should I still don't care. A couple pounds is totally worth the yummy goodness of this delectable dessert. Its icier than real ice cream but it also has a LOT less fat and calories. But mostly its just fun and yummy and a nice change of pace. I love it.

I know I had another one but that is just how random I am - I can't remember. Well, 3 minutes until Project Runway starts and that is a priority so off I go! Toodles.


Stephanie & Gabe said...

YUMMY! I LOVE SNOW CREAM! It's every bit as good as you say it is... maybe even better.

David and Red said...

I can't hear Toodles without thinking of Jake & Ainsley dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse intro. That wasn't all I got out of this post, but it was the only comment worthy statement i had. =0)

Amber said...

HAHAHAHAHHA! This is my favorite blog so far!!!WOW, you must had one incredible roommate and what a way to be subtle enough to get in what you write about..whoo hoo!
That's cool. Instant pizza...that's also cool. A roommate who still loves you dearly....also cool...and one more cool thing..imagining one of our moms trying to raise us both at the same time! Sisters = trouble.