Monday, September 29, 2008


Oh MY Gracious, Goodness me. Its fall and there are no words to describe my joy over this fact. I love, love, love, love, love, love FALL!!!!!!!!!!! Its just by far the very best time of the whole year. The weather is so beautiful. Those chilly mornings and evenings that just make the bed even more wonderful and inviting. The smell of burning leaves, the drop dead gorgeous trees here in this part of Tennessee as they explode in color. The excitement of Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. Pumpkin spice lattes that just make you feel so good from head to toe. Pulling out jeans and sweaters and my wonderful Dansko clogs that I do love so very much.

Sunday afternoon we went to a birthday party at Honeysuckle Hill Farm. It was such a fantastic place to have a party and it just celebrated everything that is so wonderful about this season. And to my incredibly delight they had the most gorgeous selections of heirloom pumpkins. I toted this poor 14 year old kid around with me forever as I hemmed and hawed over choosing which ones for him to load into his wheelbarrow. This one! No! That one! Wait, over there is another one! Oh me, oh my. And when I got home I created a tower of my pumpkins that makes me grin each time I see it. Isn't it so very Martha Stewart?

We were out enjoying the beautiful weather on Tuesday with a stroll around the little lake in our neighborhood. I looked down into a drainage ditch and saw a snake skin. Well, motherhood has clearly changed me because instead of running home screaming I climbed down into the ditch (with Reid strapped to me I might add) and retrieved the skin. I carried it home (in my BARE hands) and we carefully pulled it on and laid it to dry. Jake is going to take it to school tomorrow to show to his class.


ckuretich said...

Ummmmm AMEN!!!!!!! To this whole post. Oh fall, how magical it is - i didn't know you were a "fall junkie" like me. that's what I call it. fall junkies. i get high off the season, seriously. apparently you do too - and that makes you even more awesomer than I already thought you were.

yay for you and Amber both loving FALL!!!!!

Matt and Allie said...

you just like Fall b/c you're not sweating like a goat!! (as is the curse of most of us Osmans...)

Maybe Tomorrow said...

oh yes, and as my brother so kindly pointed out I love it because I finally stop sweating. I hate being sweaty.

Stephanie & Gabe said...

I too am a junkie! I love this time of year! Windows open. Fresh, crisp air. I can't wait to watch the leaves changing colors. This is definitely a reminder that things and life are always changing.

David and Red said...

Can't wait to get up there to see the trees! =)

The pumpkin tower IS so Martha Stewart and the snake skin for show & tell is nice...but I think if you were to take it a step further and make something WITH the skin, then you would truly be channeling Martha Stewart. =)