Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Power

Let me set the scene. A few weeks ago my friend Nicki informed me that when she had googled Jump Zone Clarksville that my blog was the very first hit returned. I was a little in awe of myself and the number of people who I potentially reached with my message about our less than pleasant experience at JZ. Also a little scared lest the big bad JZ giant come after me . . .
Well, yesterday I received a hand addressed envelope in my mailbox with a Jump Zone return stamp. I opened it to find three passes for a free open play session - with our last name written very small in the corner of each pass. And that was the only thing in the envelope - no letter, no promotion, no catch.
What freaked me out a bit was when I looked even more closely at the envelope and realized it didn't have any postage on it. Which means either the post office just sent this letter along for free (not likely) or someone hand delivered it into my mailbox.
The only thing that makes sense to me is that someone from JZ found my blog, used the scant information about us on the blog to locate the release form I filled out on our first visit and so was able to determine who was woman behind Maybe Tomorrow. Maybe JZ hand delivers free passes to everyone in Clarksville and my imagination is just running away with me but I doubt it.
Oh the power of a blog!!!!!!!!


Kendall said...

I really felt bad about your first visit to Jump!Zone. I responded to your first blog about us and had offered the three passes as a peace offering. You entered your address into the Jump!Zone website when you signed up for our mailing list.

I remember talking to you, several times on the phone, while we were working on opening the store. I hope you will give us another chance.


Owner, Jump!Zone Clarksville

Maybe Tomorrow said...

I certainly will give you another chance Kendall and I will be sure to update the blog with what I'm sure will be a better experience. Thank you for the peace offering - its appreciated.

Stephanie & Gabe said...

Can I just say that I am impressed.

David and Red said...

This made me laugh on the inside - too much! This reminds me when my friend Scott first started blogging and he said something negative about the almighty "Poprah" (without the P) and he was scared. From then on he always uses misspellings or * symbols in names to keep him from being that searchable. Oh my powerful friends, how I envy you! :0)

The Gramlings said...

Wow, what GREAT customer service!!

ramblings said...

and THAT is why you don't mess with Mama Trumbo!!!!!