Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jake says the darndest things . . .

Heard lately from my adorable son:

Mom - "Jake, when it rains it pours."
Jake - "Its not raining outside, its sunshine time."

Jake - "Mom? Um, Momma, Um, Mommy, Um MOOOOM?"
Mom - "Yes Jake?"
Jake - "Have you seen Edward's Pretender?"
Explanations - its supposed to be called a Tender - its train lingo - but very cute

Jake - "Don't be scared Ainsley, its me, Jake!"
Explanation - Jake was wearing his Spider Man costume and Super Man cape when we went to get Ainsley up from her nap and didn't want her to be alarmed.

Jake - "I love you SOOOO much Mom."

And in the "silent but adorable" category: The other day I had Reid laying on Jake's bed while I got Jake dressed. Jake starts gathering all his Cars and Thomas trains and laying them next to Reid so that his little brother can play with them.

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David & Red said...

So sweet! I'm so excited that you shared your blog. More immediate ways for me to pray for you. =)

love you!!