Saturday, August 17, 2013

We're not in NC anymore Toto

I've mentally written this blog post so many times since we have moved.  But whenever I tried to sit down and put thoughts on the page something would come up.  Its been like that ever since we set out on this journey on June 10th when the packers showed up at our house.  Crazy, nuts, overwhelmingly busy.  I had in my mind that moving wasn't really a big deal.  Get the house rented out, let the movers transport our worldly good, pack the kids in the car and drive.
I'm an idiot.
Moving is a whole freakin' lot of work.  There's the planning.  And the cleaning.  And the sorting.  And the repairing.  And the trips to Goodwill.  And the ingenuity of doing without 95% of your worldly possessions.  And the insurance (can I insert a curse word here).  And therapy changes.  And outfitting of a new house.  New schools. New doctors.  New emergency contacts.  5 million forms.  Add a kid with an IEP to all that and you have a process that never seems to end.
But we are getting there in spite of it all.  This week I even undertook a couple of house projects - a sure sign that we are digging our way out and there is a light at the end of this tunnel (and if you even think about reminding me that we will do this all again in 10 months I might have to hurt you).
So, was it worth it?
ABSOLUTELY.  We are having a great time.
We are beyond blessed with the neighbors and friends that we have already made.  And the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends.
Living on post is a totally new experience and its been awesome.  Y'all - my kids ride their bikes to school!!!  How cool is that?
Right now outside my very window three dudes just cut, edged and blew away my grass.  Hello?  Nice!
At any given moment there is a gaggle of girls at any number of houses playing and laughing.  And a group of boys playing video games or jumping on the trampoline.
And if we are friends on facebook you already know that practically every night there is a block party here on Hollowell Drive (or as we have nicknamed our end of the street "Pikachu Village").
Sure we miss our friends in NC, the opportunity to see our families on a regular basis and the community we had at church and school.  But we know that we will be back there and our friends there are the kind who aren't going anywhere.  They will be ready to pick up our relationships where things left off.  And in the meantime we can stay connected through facebook, phone calls and text messages.
This time in Kansas will be short.  Many have said that being at CGSC is supposed to be the "best year of your life".  Is that true?  Who knows.  Personally I would be depressed to think that any given period of time would be as good as it is ever going to get.  But I do know that for us it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Never again will we live on post in this part of the country with so many friends in neighbors in such close proximity.
And so we are determined to make the most we can out of this year.  And so far we are doing a pretty great job.
PS - please remind me of this when we are under 2 feet of snow in winter ;)

Photos of the kids feeding baby pygmy goats at the Deanna Rose Farmstead.


Richard Osman said...

Whew! When I saw the goats I was sure this was your backyard and you had adopted them. We are so happy that y'all are having such a great experience. Remember what Jesus said at the wedding in Cana..."I have saved the best for NOW!" And it is always now. Live in that.
Love, Dad

Maybe Tomorrow said...

Love this comment Dad!

Anonymous said...

Lacey, I'm so happy to hear that ya'll are having a great time in your new home (away from home). Thanks so much for sharing your family and your life in such a truthful way. I so enjoy your humor and your honesty! May God continue to bless you and Ryan and the kids and all who see Christ in you! Always, Christie M.