Wednesday, February 10, 2010


- I lived in this house for well over a month before I realized that the little light/fan combos in the bathrooms actually blew hot air out of them when you hit a certain switch. Fantastic feature but it would've been helpful to know this through frigid December and January.
- I also lived here a month before I realized I didn't have a house key. I still don't have one.
- Do you know how many times I have read the book about the 10 little ladybugs without realizing that when "along came a (fill in the blank animal) and then there were (one less ladybug)" that this book is actually talking about the sweet ladybugs being eaten!!!!!! And I'm reading this to my 2 year old? Poor ladybugs - using their untimely demise to teach my kid how to count.
- I need to hurry up and get out all of my snarky comments about a few people I've met around here before my blog gets out there. Right now I have no friends so not much danger of anyone discovering it via my facebook page, etc.
- When we go to Walmart its always busy but as Ryan noted "we have a distinct advantage over all the other patrons because we aren't pulling our oxygen tanks behind us".
- My master bedroom is so frickity-frackin cold that I am never in here unless necessary. Right now two kids are napping and the other two are up in the play room watching a movie so I deem this necessary.
- Ryan and I had a small skirmish this morning. He called this afternoon to apologize and I laughed when we hung up thinking if he'd just called 45 minutes earlier he could've saved himself a lot of money. I excel at retail therapy.
- I have to keep reminding myself of all the painful experiences I had in C-ville before I actually made friends. Like that time I went to PWOC. Or my first time to MOMS Club. Just give it time, just give it time.
- Why in the heck is Jake upstairs screaming so loudly - what is the point of letting them watch a movie if he is going to scream. There is the end of Reid's nap.


Amanda said...

Oh Lacey how I miss you! So glad we have FB and especially your blog to keep up. Love your retail therapy comment. Oh and was your first Moms Club meeting the one where Ainsley threw up on me?! lol It does take time my dear! Thinking of you!

Stephanie said...

Lacey, this post provided me more entertainment than a 2 minute blog read should. I mean really. Can words describe how much you're missed? Nope. If it makes you feel any better, we've been here almost 2 months and I just figured out that the lights that were "burnt out" outside are in fact motion lights. No motion. No lights.

Sarah said...

Oh Lacey! Hang in there! And Stephanie, I CRACKED up at the motion detector comment!!!!

I gave you the Lady Bug book....and now I feel guilty...

o.k. it's over now!

We miss you!

Amber J said...

so many reasons why i need to see you soon. hahaha- this was really amusing :)

Kimberlee said...

Ok, after some deliberation, I agree to take you on and declare myself your first official NC friend. (You had me at snarky).

Just remember, I am now a FB friend AND a blog reader, so if you have any catty comments reserved for me you will have to stuff them in a sock.

Looking forward to getting to know you & family better!

Maybe Tomorrow said...

woooohoooooo - I have a friend :) thanks Kimberlee, I won't let you down. And no catty comments to you or Chris. You guys are both way too obscenely nice to get catty comments. Now snarky . . . just kidding.
Sarah - no guilt!
Amanda - yep - that was when A threw up all over your foot. Good memories, huh?
Steph - you made me laugh!!! you are missed too.
Amber - we will see each other soon!!!!!