Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a Day!

Normally when Ryan is gone I HATE Saturdays. With all caps cuz that is how much I hate them. But today has been a really great day and I can't say enough how grateful I am for this blessing. The weather is absolutely beautiful outside - warm, breezy and the sun is peaking through just often enough to keep me happy! And beautiful weather means outside adventures which are just balm for the soul - for all the souls big and little that reside in the home. We played outside, rode bikes and went for an adventure down to the pond to throw rocks. Then we pretended we were Backyardigan spies and looked into the windows of a new construction house that was just finished.

This morning before all that fun began the kids made there own fun in the playroom. Their newest trick is to convert the train table into a slide. It is endless entertainment for everyone. I'm not sure how long the piece of plywood will hold up to their weight but it is SO worth a trip to home depot for a new piece if this one doesn't make it because they so enjoy their new slide. Here are a couple of pictures of this mornings fun:

Its a shame I didn't take these pics yesterday morning because everyone had on matching pj's and they looked so cute and coordinated. Ryan usually dresses them after bath and he does a wonderful job except that he has absolutely no regard for pj coordination. Its somewhat of an abomination.

So, that's kind of whats going on around here these days. As long as the weather is nice I feel like my outlook on this deployment will be sunny. But I know the weather won't hold so . . . I'll just do my best to make it warm and sunny inside. Lot's of great friends to walk alongside during this time and I'll never stop being grateful for the blessing of friendship!

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David and Red said...

"...he has absolutely no regard for pj coordination. Its somewhat of an abomination."

This made me laugh so hard! I love the slide...can't wait to see it in action. ;0)

love ya!