Monday, January 5, 2009

Reliving the Christmas Glory

So as the first real week of the new year sets in I'm going to take some time and look back over some of the wonderful things I was gifted over Christmas. Far and away the best gift was having my little family of five altogether . . . but yada, yada, let's get on to the good stuff.

Chyloe & co. gave me this awesome purse. Isn't it so fun?

My mother-in-law Belinda gave me two of these amazing windows from her shop. I am going to put pictures in the panes and then hang them. One is going over Ainsley's bed.And then my parents are always happy to meet my cooking needs. I desperately needed an instant read thermometer that reads a wide variety of temps. I already made some yummy french bread with its help. And then these adorable little pinch bowls. And finally the pot clip. I mean isn't that thing ingenious!!!!!!!!!


And finally look at this gorgeous trench coat I got - Its seems more like a pea coat to me in soft wool but Gap calls it a trench. It was a Chyloe find. I always need to go shopping with her.

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