Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The New Style

Four and Three And Two and One (whatup) and when I'm on the mic, this sucker's done.

OK, sorry, I couldn't resist. If you have no idea what I just wrote I forgive you. If you are however married to me or your name is Christin you know exactly what that is and you love it. And I love you.

On to the real point of this post (is there one?) oh yes. So I have a new style now in the mornings. It starts with my alarm on my watch going off at 5:20 a.m. I've learned that the best thing is to put it a few feet away on my chest of drawers so I have to get up to turn it off. Or I could let it beep but Ryan might kill me. So I get up and turn it off. Plod into the bathroom and then into the kitchen where my coffee is brewed and waiting for me. And then the day begins. And you know what . . . its great. Today was only my third day of getting up early and I'm praying I maintain the motivation to keep with this schedule because, for me, it is revolutionary. I turn my living room lights on brightly overhead to give a further jolt to my sense and then I snuggle into my favorite chair for time of prayer and bible reading. Something that I've always struggled to make a priority! Even though I know I desperately needed it I was determined to find some way other than first thing in the morning. And, you know what, for me it just did not work. Ever.

After that precious time I move on to my next task which on a non school day is usually a chore like folding the laundry. On a school day I use that time to get showered and dressed before the kids wake up. Then I have the time to greet my children, make my husbands lunch, make everyone breakfast and, in general, start out our day on the right foot.

What initially seemed like an enormous sacrifice to me has turned out to be the biggest blessing I could have asked for. I'm excited about this new style of mine and thankful for the wise insight that brought me here. NEver in a million years would I have come up with this idea on my own - but through the Girl Talk blog ( I found their awesome idea of the 5 am club and decided to create my own 5:20 club. While I'm still the only member I feel encouraged to know that these women are out there doing the same thing and seeing the fruits and rewards.

In closing I feel the need to make one thing really clear . . . I am not at all trying to toot my horn. I know this style is from the Lord and its only through Him that I've even managed to get up these past three days at all! I'm in awe of His provision and goodness to me in my feeble attempts at obedience. So please, don't for one second think anything more of me than that I am His servant and He is blessing me abundantly. The reason I do share is because I'm excited and I want to share the good works He is doing. And to encourage all my fellow Sisters out there.

B-E-A-S-T-I-E (whatup Mike D) oh yeah that's me.


ckuretich said...

My name is Christin!!! and I instantly knew. I haven't even read the rest of this post yet, I had to just comment and say that I KNEW!!!!

a mix-master, cut faster...

remember when I bought you the Anthology for your bridal shower. that is just so wrong. yet so right.

ckuretich said...

ok just read the rest. I REALLY wish I could get up at 5:20. that sounds like a dream morning; having all that time, settling into routines, all that. That's my goal in life, to one day be comfortable getting up early. It's such a peaceful time.

Natalie said...

(This the best thing ever Lacey, at my old Church the Pastors wife recommended I do that every morning like its my job and it was great for me, I always felt like - was on top of the world then - stoped, this gives me that Thank you that was needed.

Sarah said...

That's awesome Lacey! Especially after the convicting Sunday school class this past week on that very subject (how little we treasure what we have). God will bless it...that you are putting Him first. Enjoy growing in your time with God!

Amber J said...

Can I only impress you by saying that I do actually get up slightly 5a.m. early...but early enough to get Andrew and Gregg off to school in which I have about an hour before the lil A-train gets up. AND...I do make that my time of prayer and devos..awesome time. I'm with ya sista..just a lil later in the morn.

David and Red said...

Very exciting - I've been doing that with my workouts and I'm usually showered by 11am. Not quite the same thing, but I'm's a start. I'm glad you shared. Maybe I can work a QT into my mornings too since at night it seems to be rushed, or brushed aside. Good stuff my friend.

Oh and I love the image of you all June Cleaver-ish getting everyone breakfast. =0)

Steph and Gabe said...

Very cool Lacey. We are working on getting into a nightly routine of devoting time to Him as a family. I want to get in the habit of making more time for Him individually as well. I may join your club as a 3:20 member. As in 3:20 when Connor is taking a nap and before I go down for my own.