Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lacey's Recommendations

I have a number of recommendations that I've wanted to post for a while. As my blog continues to evolve I've decided to try and add in my thoughts on places I like, love and those that I pledge my undying dedication to. I know you are all out their just waiting desperately to hear what I think so I've decided to meet the needs of my clamoring fan base.
So let's start out with my feet :) Back in December when I was recovering from my tonsillectomy (did ya hear I had my tonsils out? did I mention that it hurt?) I wanted a little pampering and what better place to start that my toes. I headed to the new Foxy Nails in the Shoppes at Willow Chase (sorry you non Clarksville residents) to give it a try on Troy's recommendation. What followed was an absolutely fantastic pedicure. Halfway through I was sure I was getting the more expensive spa pedicure even though I hadn't asked for it but decided to let it go. And then when it came time to pay I was only charged $25 . . . SO the only logical conclusion is that their regular ol' pedicure is so fabulous it'll make you feel like you are getting the superstar treatment. Its all nice and new with a big plasma TV that was showing something nice and relaxing. The lighting is dim and soothing. The nail technicians were very friendly without being too talkative. Only thing that could have made the experience better was a beverage. Just a note in case the Foxy folks are checking out my blog. So ladies (guys too) if you haven't been to Foxy get yo-self over there. You'll be glad you did.
The other evening I cracked the carafe on our coffee pot which has left us in a coffee famine the past few days. So we've been running up to the new Blue Notes Cafe here in Sango for some morning Joe. I can't say enough how thrilled I am with this new addition to our area. The coffee is delish, the folks their are SO friendly, the menu looks absolutely yummy and they even have live music in the evenings. PLEASE go and visit these guys. Buy something. Buy lots of somethings. Treat yourself to a sandwich and some Wi-Fi, write out your New Years goals while sipping a latte, relax with an appetizer and some music. Let's support these guys. I'd hate to see a wonderful business like this not make it. I'm going back very soon for a more substantial purchase. I mean, its the least I can do :)
And finally, I dragged my family back to Jump Zone (somewhat with my tail between my legs) to use the free passes we were gifted after my less than positive review. What can I say - we had a great time. The kids love the inflatables there, they have a new baby area that is great for Reid, the snacks are well priced with a great selection . . . it was good. Ryan said "this place is really cool" . . . and I looked at him with ice in my eyes and said "traitor". But, he was right. It is cool. And I forgive them - ha. The only negative was when I noticed the manager and "rule boy" having a hushed conversation while looking knowingly in my direction. I was spotted. I knew they'd been waiting for me to come back. Well, I went. It was good. Now stop talking about me. Oh, one final note - please install some coat hooks over the shoe area. During the winter this is a MUST.
And there you have it folks. Enjoy.


Susan said...

We love it here, but your post makes me miss Clarksville! Where is this Blue Notes place? Sounds awesome.

Maybe Tomorrow said...

Blue Notes is in Sango Village next to Manzanillo!
I'm so glad you are loving Chicago - I think I would die from shock if I was suddenly surrounded by all the food and shopping choices up there. It would be a very happy death :)

Leslie Pigg said...

Love your notes, Lacey! I haven't been to Blue Notes yet but did hear it was great. And I know what you mean - if we don't support it, it will go quickly (if it's like other Clarksville business ventures). I do love Foxy Nails and thought the VERY SAME THING when I was getting my pedi recently! Then during my mani, she gave me those lil' heating pad things with the parafin wax...and still charged me regular prices! Very nice. We'll have to go together sometime. (maybe a first stop at the Mexican restaurant for a rita - wonder if you can get it to go?!) Miss ya!

Sarah said...


We LOVE the Blue Note...and the food is amazing!!! The garlic chicken wrap made me just ooo and aah. The lobster bisque is wonderful. When I got a peppermint mocha there, there was actual melted chocolate chips on the bottom to scoop up when I was done. HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN

Where are shops at Willowchase? I must go! What a deal.

Steph and Gabe said...

I think we just planned a girl's day out. Lunch at the mexican place (which we frequent after church on Sundays often) then a pedi. I can't have a margarita but I'll drive everyone around!!

Amber J said...

hmmm...well NEXT time your coffee pot breaks..I'll BRING you the coffee;) OR better yet...I'll come and WE can go find good coffees it sad that mornings are just wretched without the coffee!