Friday, March 7, 2008

My Sock Drawer

I know what you are probably thinking . . . something along the lines of if the best I can do for my first post on my blog is about my sock drawer maybe I should hang it up before I start. Well, its not really about the sock drawer in and of itself but rather what I found in mine this morning. A dirty diaper. Not just a wet one, a DIRTY one. Thank goodness it was from Reid so at the most its been there 5 1/2 weeks since that is the length of time he has been on this earth. And thank goodness I breast feed because that produces less foul diapers. But the real point is, what has my life come to when an innocent foray into my sock drawer brings me face to face with poop? I'll tell you what it has become, a life that is slowly dying to self and living for Christ doing the job He has called me to in raising my kids.

Now, do I do this perfectly, consistently or even unbegrudgingly? NO. I fight a daily battle between my selfish desires (mainly to live a life that is all about me) and the desires of Christ for my life.

Anyway, I digress, this blogs purpose will not be to talk about deep, meaningful thoughts because there are very few of those in my head. The main post of this blog is going to be sharing the funny, sad, frustrating and hair raising experiences or raising 3 kids often single handedly. And on that note I better wrap this up. In a cruel twist of fate school closed early today because of snow so we get an extra early jump on our weekend. Yippee.

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